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Konosuba and the Deck of Many Kinks

This is what happens when you draw two cards from the Deck of Many Kinks!

Unknown by dawho555

Randomly rolled two prompts on pyperhaylie 's  Kinktober list to combine for one picture. Got 13. Paranormal / Latex and 30. Fairy Tale / Shrunk and tried to see what I could put together in a day!

There's some stuff I'd still like to tweak given the chance, but all in all for a day's work I'm pretty happy with it!        
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Kanut55's avatar

This is ingenious.

dawho555's avatar

Lol thank you. I rather liked the premise myself!

Kanut55's avatar

But seriously, the Deck of many kinks or kinky Tarrot should be a think!

- How do you want so spend a evening?

- Ehh, dunno... can you think about something?

- Ok. Pick a card.

TheSpiderMagus's avatar

I need the details on this Deck of Many Kinks X3

dawho555's avatar

Imagine a Deck of Many Things, only each card is a Kinktober entry 😂

TheSpiderMagus's avatar

Oh I love that idea! So when you draw a card form the Deck of Many Kinks do you pick only one word of the Kinktober entry's? Or do you include every word from every drawn out Kinktober entry? Asking because I like the idea of this being in a D&D game lol

dawho555's avatar

For me I just picked one word, but the sky's the limit I suppose~!

TheSpiderMagus's avatar

I see so maybe the player or DM/GM would decide which of the two options was picked on a card? I'm looking into making a system to run it lol

dawho555's avatar

A lot of kinktober lists just have one option per day!

Totally up to you lol

LoveAndBondage's avatar

Oh, Darkness - you are a treasure!

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