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Bender Containment Expo


Asami's debuting her new series of cutting edge bender-containment units for a group of very important investors. Korra and Kuvira are both confident in their ability to break out, which makes them perfect test subjects.

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This is a fictional roleplay scenario involving consenting adults.

Trying to branch out a bit and add some story to the gif packs! I wanted this to sit somewhere inbetween a Gag Gif Pack and an actual animated short, where the gifs revolve around a story, but just give us the spicy loops. Both gif sets share a spicy narrative- a fic written by our very own LlamaMasterReborn  which is available in the pack! They're a great writer so make sure you check out their other stuff too!

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Looks great! I especially like the readout splash. Excellent work to both!

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Happy to help work on a story for this!