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Greetings sentient beings of the multiverse! My name's Olivia, but I go by Livvie. I'm just your typical broke artist and obsessive fangirl with a passion for creating and making the randomness in my brain come to life. I have lots of ideas, but not enough time. Just about everything I make is fanart, including my comics, and I really enjoy the idea of transforming, so there's a lot of that in my gallery, too. I post at least once a week, so there’s always something new!


I appreciate every single fav and watch, and I wish I had the time to thank all of y’all personally.

If I ever don’t respond to comments, it’s usually because I’m dealing with anxiety or depression, so don’t take it personally, it’s me, not you.

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As I work on my Pokémon comic, Ditto by Design, I will come across places that require extra characters in the background. Filler NPCs, basically. This is where y'all come in! Send me your trainers and Pokémon and they'll have a chance to appear somewhere in one of the pages! This will make my life easier and will be more fun for everyone! ~ I will place characters where they fit best, not just shoved in random places! ~ No one is 100% guaranteed to be inserted, but I will tag you in the description of the page if you get picked! ~ Don't get upset if I end up not using your characters, they may fit somewhere in the future! All comic pages will be posted here on my DeviantArt and the Ditto by Design Tumblr! Ko-fi | RedBubble Rules: ~ Must send a link to a full body, fully colored reference image in the comments of this journal or the duplicate on ToyHouse ONLY. Must be YOUR character. Image cannot be deleted, hidden, moved, or otherwise become unviewable, or it will not be used. ~
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Did this recently and I’m still really proud of it. I’m gay and I drew myself, so that probably counts. :createwithpride:
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I have 3 elderly dogs and 7 cats. I need money for pet expenses, one of my cats has some kind of UTI and I need to get him to the vet before it gets worse. I’m new to making adopts, but I really need the money so I decided to try my luck! LOOKING FOR: PayPal TENTATIVE: DA Points > Art (picky) > Characters (super picky) NOT INTERESTED IN: Amino Coins, ARPG/Game Currencies $1 USD = 100 DeviantArt points If offering characters, please look through my wishlist. I’m not really interested in getting more characters right now, but I’ll still look. Mostly need real money through PayPal, but I’ll still look at other offers. All have individual character pages on ToyHouse. Sakura - $3 - SOLD! Star Cloud - $3 - SOLD! Spotted - $3 - SOLD! Pink Leopard - $5 Northern Lights - $6 - SOLD! Sunset - $7 Lovely Lilac - $10 Oh, Deer - $10 Fox Imp-poster - $12 Pastel Patches - $12 Alien - $15 - SOLD! Fall Leaves - $17 Grape Gradient - $18 Tropical Water - $20 Blue Rave - $25 Dark Angel - $25 -
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You’re very welcome! ^w^

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Thanks for the llama! I appreciate the support! :)