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I'm putting together a comic zine to sell at CALA, and would very much like you to be involved. We're looking for comics, illustrations, and recipes. The theme is "sweet treats".

Other notes:
  1. Full color (CMYK)
  2. Must be at least 300 dpi (preferably 600)
  3. The book will be printed at 6x9
For more info:…

I've been answering questions @, as well.
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Hey peoples. I'm hosting an OC free-for-all tournament event The point is to solve a mysterious death on the Fuchsia Express.  Unfortunately, you have to have an existing character or comics on Void to participate. But, if you have meet those requirements, there's no excuse! Join today, and do some investigative comic-ing! If you don't have a character on Void, feel free to keep your eye on it anyways, it's sure to be a blast or something.

I figured I should post this here as well. I'm looking for webcomics and comics for digital releases for DAPshow.

Webcomics will get their own little custom themed sites on DAPshow, which creators will have full control over. Sites will be separate from DAPshow, but will be a part of its network. I'll possibly take complete one-shot webcomics, as well, but would probably post them as a gallery on the front site. The only active webcomic on DAPshow right now is s-c-fowlie's webcomic The Quick and Dirty Life of Fritz Fargo, with phillipchanter's webcomic Alexandria returning soon, and I will be doing a few webcomic series (including a return of HFB.

For Digital Comics, I'm looking for comics of at least 16+ to release through apps and sites such as They can be one-shots, limited series, or ongoing series (ongoing and limiteds could possibly be collected for print). I'm mainly looking for creator-owned stuff at the moment. I can't pay any flat or page rates for the time being, but artists will receive the majority of any profits made. Basically, this is a chance to get published quick and easy.

If anyone is interested -- hit me up by replying, noting me, or emailing me (
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ONE DAY LEFT UNTIL Theatre of Tragedy comics are due!

Still plenty of times to finish those black tales of.. uh.. blackness! If anyone needs a little extra time, let me know about it!

Find more here :icongothology:
My friend :icontaelmx: is a part of a group that has made it to the finals of the Imagine Cup People's Genius Awards for Game Design.

Let's all vote for her group, Team Mintrus! The voting link is here:

And you can vote daily! So, let's get on it!
I have been logged outta this account forever now, trying to hype up the newest Gothology comic anthology -- Theatre of Tragedy.

We're looking for artists to explore their inner melancholy, and submit to us comics of misery and despair. These comics can be anything relating to Gothic culture. If it's dark, gruesome, depressing, frightening, or all of the above -- it's fitting for this collection, and we would love nothing more than to feature it in the third book of wretchedness, Theatre of Tragedy. For more information, check for updates, requirements, etc.

And for those not in the know this series is partly tongue in cheek, so don't think you can't do it because you aren't "goth" enough or whatever.

And if you have any comic artist friends, feel free to pass this along :nod:

:icongothology: :icondapshow:

I have been a bit neglectful of deviantART recently.  It is true, I have found another.  Her name is Tumblr

Actually, I have just been too lazy to upload things here... hopefully I get that turned around o:
I've been busy doin' web stuff recently, including redoing both the sites for Gothology and DAPshow.

Check em out, playas.



Perhaps they are both in anticipation of some upcoming stuff ;D
I dicked around with Illustrator and Fontlab for many an hours, and figured it out :3

Here's a screenshot of a test version…

and with bolds… c:

Cat Odes comes out tomorrow!  Just a fun reminder :D

I'll have some links when it's ready.

ALSO, I was dumb and got tape on the back of one, and it peeled off a little bit of the back of the book.  So, I figured I'd sell it discounted if anyone wants it.  it's just a small part on back, the rest of the book is fine.  Note me if interestedd.
I'm going to Chicago tomorrow, and will be there until the 23rd.

Anyone going to WW Chicago Comic-Con?  No table this year -- but I'm gonna be there on Saturday.  And I'll have some copies of Cat Odes (and maybe Misery) on me if someone wants to buy one.

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Is everyone seriously complaining?  I can't tell.  The change is basically the same but with some drop downs, OMG!
Still around 50 pages short, so I decided to start up a second deadline for Cat Odes.  So, if you missed your chance, here is another.. the new deadline is now May 20th, exactly one month.

More here

Also, Qyz's The Great Rift Villain Contest is due next week.  I just uploaded mines.  Get on it peoples…
13 days until Cat Odes, plus a little more left for It's Like I can Touch You.

You guys should do both ;3

..I was gonna say something else, but I forget.
Just a reminder, there is a little over a month left for both Cat Odes ( and It's Like I Can Touch You (INKGROUP).

I also got a new scanner/printer today.  Hi-5!
I'm helping :iconpowflip: and :iconhellokbear: putting together some sexiness.  A 3D illustration book, and it needs some more artists!

It's pretty simple.  Send in some illustrations with separate foregrounds and backgrounds, and they'll get made into 3D sexiness.

If interested, learn more about it on InkGroup!

Much sooner than we anticipated, Misery Loves Company - the second book of GOTHOLOGY, is now available through Indy Planet (and Comics Monkey for retailers).

Join us as we descend into the depression caused by the original GOTHOLOGY, The Eternal Sad.

(In Memory of Happiness, Resquiat In Pacem)…

PS:  I still would like my last blog to get some attention…
EDIT: I'm happy with the feedback and suggestions I've gotten so far.  I added some more to the bottom.

I am not sure how many people are aware, but one of :icondapshow: mascots is a bad ass Asian girl who has a panda bear as a pet.  Each one is named Ling (Ling-Ling).  The interesting thing about Ling Ling is that they don't have a design.  It is left up to each artist's interpretation.  Some examples here…

So, we have been kicking around an idea of giving her a comic series based on that idea.  Basically, each issue would be drawn by a different artist, and they would portray Ling Ling as they imagine her.  Each issue of around 24 page (in color, btw) would be self contained, and not related to the others.

I'm not 100% sure how we would work it out yet, or even it is something we will do yet.  I'm just trying to gauge other artists interest in the idea to see how worthwhile it would be to pursue.

Other stuff:
-By 24 pages, I mean for the entire comic book.  The issue itself could take up all the pages, or it could be shorter, and we'd use filler for the rest.  Comics that are 17/18+ pages would be fine, I think.
-I would rather not have multiple artists split up the pages of an issue.  I think it would make it too much like a panel tag, and that's almost never a good idea for a published comic.  Also, it would be too many ways to split up money.
-I am not sure how we'd have artists sign-up to be apart of it.  We'll most definitely ask around, and maybe set some sort of submission process up for artists we don't know.
So, we narrowed the choice, and :iconsynje: put up a poll on his dA for some more feedback.

Check it out, guys…