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(18+) RedMenace's Cassie Cage (XPS)

By dawadd
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Well, RM decided to release some of his models to the public, time for my lazy ass to do some porting as well...
All optional items are not on the pic, there's some more variations of the ones here on the preview.
Specs are as usual, the 4k/2k textures as a tex pack
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Thanks :)
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RadonRuskHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing model! Thank you for sharing it!
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DeZodaicHobbyist Filmographer
Quick question when I put the normal map for the texture for the skin it just turns black? anyway to fix this problem?
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You can try downscaling the textures further, one possible reason for black texturess is XPS running out of memory with the model loaded.
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is this for sfm???
dawadd's avatar the title, tags, groups and my avatar say, it's for XPS not SFM...
Very beautiful fun
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NetaxelStudent Photographer
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Excellent work.
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Great Job :)
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CyberBrian360Professional Digital Artist
Thanks Bro!
(Well Lets Hope"No One Uses These for Ther Renders"! ? )
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Wonderfull!  Thank you very much!!
Port Hermione next please:D (Big Grin) 
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neromathersonHobbyist Digital Artist
is this really from mkx body?
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Of course not, there isn't a nude Cassie in MKX
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I've been waiting for her, I'm very happy you ported her. Thanks a lot!
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NZWrenHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice!! I have always wanted those models :). One question...can you port the Jacqui Briggs Nude model to xps also??
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Is there one?
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NZWrenHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep...there is one
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huh.. could you point me to her, I can't seem to find her
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NZWrenHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, i can only send u an image, because i don't have Steam and i don't really know how that works, but i do have seem images with that model....the only thing is that the image is XXXX.... XD
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Well, I can't do much with it, it might even not be a model, just a headhack, but I guess you can send it, might track it somewhere...
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NZWrenHobbyist Digital Artist

There you have ;)......
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That's a headhack, done in xps even.
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