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Sera Myu Sailor Uranus

I used my BlendyPens on the hair and I think it turned out great. ^_^

ref: [link]

Started: 6/17/06
Finished: 6/27/06

This piece can also be found here: :iconsailor-uranus-club:

Donated for :iconanimazementnc: 2009 and 2010

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Year: 2006
Paper: Bienfang Sketch Book Professional Series 9" x 12"
Tools: Tools: Mechanical pencil, glitter gel pens, gel pens, prismacolor markers, and BlendyPens
Sailor Moon ©Naoko Takeuchi

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thank you She is my fav Senshi and I really like how this turned out
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Thanks. I love the way her hair turned out.
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Ooh, nice job on the hair. I've been looking through all of these an I can see how you're able to improve something with each one.
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Your art is looking very good, I really like this... the only thing I would suggest is doing some shading, I think that would make a big difference, and you still have a chance to do that with this piece
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I am still trying to work on getting my pieces to look 3D instead of 2D. Maybe since I am having artist block and can't draw anything I will go back and try to shade at least the skin of my Sera Myu pieces and maybe the Original Fuku pieces.
I really love how the hair turned out in this. First I did a layer of yellow prisma then I took my brown BlendyPen and mixed it with my yellow BlendyPen. I finally found a good color for Uranus' hair.
Who is your fav senshi?
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I think Mars is awesome, and also the way you drew her--the pose is really good--I like it a lot :)
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