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Sera Myu Sailor Saturn



I wish it had had more room to draw her galvie but I got some of it in the piece. Did not really want to do a front pose becuase I am trying to get away from them but that is what turned out so I will have to deal with it. I am pretty please with this piece although I still need to sketch her face and where her hair meets her collar.

ref: [link]

Started: 6/30/06
Finished: 7/02/06

This piece can also be found here: :iconscout-power-club:

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Year: 2006
Paper: Bienfang Sketch Book Professional Series 9" x 12"
Tools: Mechanical pencil, glitter gel pens, gel pens, prismacolor markers, and BlendyPens
Sailor Moon ©Naoko Takeuchi

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lovely and glaive is not spelt as glavie.