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Sailor Chibi Moon

As some have pointed out on another site that this looks like an offical picture which I did not draw but I stole well
yes I looked at a pic to draw this but I drew this piece.
I lost the pic I used as a ref and I have been looking for it ever since. If you can find the pic on the net please give me the link and I will post the link I used as a ref.

Even though this is a very old piece I am still very happy with how this turned out. This was the first time I drew Chibi-Usa in any form and it is still one of my best pieces I think.

EDIT: Dec 29, 2007 It only took almost three years of searching but I finally found the pic I used as a ref when I drew this. I printed it out back in Feb 2001 and it had the URL at the bottom of the page but the page no longer exist. I will try and scan it in and upload it beside the pic so I will have my ref cited.

EDIT: Jan 1, 2008 On the right is my drawing that I did in 2001. On the left is the picture I used as a ref.

Contest Entry: [link]

This can also be found here: :iconsailor-moon-club:

:iconvincent3g: picked this piece when he featured me in his journal [link] along with nine other deviants. ^_^

Year: 2001
Tools: Mechanical pencil, glitter gel pen, and gel pens
Sailor Moon ©Naoko Takeuchi
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People are idiots... lmao its obvious you did it yourself. Dont pay attention to them, theyre stupid
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Glad you like it and I am glad I have gotten better since drawing this.
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I do. I cant wait to see what it looks like later on after more time has passed. It can only get better!
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don't know if I will draw this exact picture again but there is more art in my gallery
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hey have memes on here to redraw something you drew a while back to see how youve improved on it. Thats what I was refering to
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yeah I have seen those
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Comments from Fanart Central

xxNaminexx on Jun 2, 2007 02:01 PM
aww ^^

winxgirl21 on Mar 21, 2006 02:45 PM
AWWWWWWWWW!She's so cute!

Shiloh on Dec 26, 2005 06:38 PM

Ryigenchi on Dec 26, 2005 06:30 PM

Neko_Amber on Dec 26, 2005 06:13 PM
liar. looks like an official picture to me. not anything close to what a gelpen picture would look like. ART THEIF

tikalgirl52 on Dec 26, 2005 06:03 PM
OHHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE!!! *faves* Congrats on Pic of the Hour ^o^

Koneko on Oct 27, 2005 06:58 PM
Yay! Did you really draw this FOUR years ago? Wow! Go Chibiusa!

flying-poptart on Oct 11, 2005 04:00 PM
wow! that is way too cute for words! man thats cute!
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Cute, nice work :)
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Thanks. This is really old. I have gotten way better.
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Great work :)
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Hope you see more than just one you like. I have a lot of Sailor Moon fanart coming up in the next month plus some non Sailor Moon fanart such as Bleach and Pokemon. I also have X-Men, Mario, Utena, Clow Cards and some art of my own character planned but not sure when I will get to them as I have a long list of Sailor Moon, Bleach and Pokemon to finish first.
SailorBetch's avatar
I love CardCaptors! I watched that when I was little. It was on Saturday mornings on the WB kids. Good luck with all your art!
Roxyguitarz's avatar
You did a great job, I actually like your drawing better than the ref. :-)
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:D Thanks. This is 7 years old now. I think I have gotten better.
AngelRaye's avatar
You did an excellent job!
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Thanks. This was seven years ago.
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You're welcome :)
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Don't mind that stuff everyone learns from someone else or something else. I got mine from Ninja Turtles, and comic books. :D

I mental copied many images also. Its a good way to practice. Anyone who says they can do it without having to practice like that is a liar. Even in professional art classes they expect you to recreate other people's styles at times and such. Brush the haters off...
DavisJes's avatar
Yeah. When I took art in high school we had to copy famous painter's styles.
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