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Death of Sailor Mars

This is my half of the art trade I did with :iconsilverhealer:

This is also for the dying theme of the of the 100 pic challenge: [link]

ref: [link]

This is a beautiful scene between Rei and Usagi which I think lends a lot to people shipping them together.
Rei Hino - Sailor Mars: [after Galaxia has taken the Sailor Soldiers' Star Seeds] You... are... too... sweet... Be... strong!

Usagi Tsukino - Eternal Sailor Moon: Rei-Chan, don't! We promised to be together until the end! Please don't leave me alone!

Rei Hino - Sailor Mars: Don't... forget... you... have... Mamoru-San! Sorry... I can't... protect... you...

Year: 2007
Paper: Bienfang Sketch Book Professional Series 9" x 12"
Tools: Mechanical pencil, gel pens, and prismacolor markers
Sailor Moon ©Naoko Takeuchi
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1/60 second
Focal Length
8 mm
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Jun 22, 2007, 9:11:03 AM
© 2007 - 2021 DavisJes
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uhm...doesn't look like dead to me...just battle wounded perhaps...?
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Its right before she fades.
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I think it's your best work.
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Thanks. You are too kind.
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This was so sad when I watched it in the anime, great job on it, Sailor Mars is awesome :)
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whoa I like the coloring and the details!
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I love it! It's one of the most touching moments in the series! The last season is definitely my favorite.
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Sadly they never showed it in America.
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I know, but at least there's the DVDs, and they are subtitled (which I actually like better because you get what they are actually saying and not the American version which was usually way different).
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why does she dies :noes:
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This is the second time she dies.
She is killed by the enemy along with all the other Sailor Senshi.
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If you have not seen season five you really should.
We get about nine new senshi.
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No... I havent seen it :(

9 new senshi :wow:
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Some are good senshi and some are bad senshi

9 in the anime:
Eternal Sailor Moon: [link] (okay not a new senshi but she has a new fuku)
Sailor Galaxia: [link]
Sailor Alumien Serin: [link]
Sailor Tin Cat: [link] (although she never wears this outfit)
Sailor Iorn Mouse: [link]
Sailor Lead Crow: [link]
Sailor Chibi Chibi: [link]
Sailor Star Fighter: [link]
Sailor Star Healer: [link]
Sailor Star Marker: [link]

and even more in the manga:
Sailor Kakayuu: [link]
Sailor Vesta: [link]
Sailor Juno: [link]
Sailor Pallas: [link]
Sailor Cres: [link]
Sailor Cosmos: [link]
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon: [link]
Other manga senshi: [link]

Senshi only in the musicals:
Sailor Pewter Fox: [link]
Sailor Titanium Kerokko: [link]
Sailor Theta: working on a pic of her

Character that never made it in the manga or the anime: [link]

Usagi's daughter in another timeline: [link]

The senshi even get new fukus in the manga for the last season: [link]

Also there are senshi in the live action show that are only for the show and not in the anime, manga or musicals.
[link] and [link]
Plus Usagi get a new fuku: [link]
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why there are more in manga :?

it´s not complete the story in anime? :noes:
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