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Judge Dredd

Some more work for Williams Electronics: The prosthetic make-up I did for the video game, Judge Dredd. 1992.
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Much better than any computer-generated special effect!
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Thank you very much!
Great artwork.
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Gosh your work puts Computer generated images to shame
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Thank you again! Now if only the Powers-That-Be would agree!
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sly not bad
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IF ONLY THE MOVIES COULD LOOK LIKE THIS ! I did like MEAN MACHINE in the 90s movie & I think that this DREDD would have fit well with it ! ( Just did quick MEAN caricature sketch in my gallery ) On the whole I don't think comics can be done live action but your depiction of a comic CHARACTER is the best I've ever seen ! ADIOS PARD!
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Many thanks, Simio! I appreciate your feedback. Take care!
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Yes, the inimitable elocution of cinema icon, Sly Stallone, captured here on for the first time!
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OMG. I've been looking for the source of this amazing picture FOREVER. And I finally found it. And who'd have known that it is by the same artist who made Goro's original clay model. Needless to say, this sculpture/prosthetic is the best Dredd depiction I've ever seen. The amount of detail, the expression, and the likeness - everything about it is perfect. I just wish there was more than one good quality picture.
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Thank you so much for stopping in to share your enthusiasm and your kind words about my work. It's appreciated more than you could know!

I took multiple shots of the same make-up, but they are essentially all the same. What I'd like is a cast of the original final sculpture on my shelf, but, as is usually the case in commercial art, you're always working up until the eleventh hour meeting your deadlines. As a result, you rarely have the time to make copies of your work. I was lucky to have at least enough time to shoot a roll of 36 exposures on Kodachrome of the good judge.
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Well, in any case, this piece is a huge inspiration for me. Thanks again for your work.
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You're quite welcome! More to come . . . .
Brilliant work, I recently discovered the lost video game by Williams on youtube.
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Thank you! You can always find plenty of lost and half-forgotten treasures on YouTube.
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Just awesome man
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