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HTC One (2013)

With a sleek aluminium body a live home screen that streams all of your favourite content, dual frontal stereo speakers and much more, the new HTC One is ready to reshape your smartphone experience. Fully editable high definition PSD, with hundreds of layers, available in both standard black and silver; undisputedly the best PSD of the HTC One on the internet.

Time taken: 9 hours


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Legal Information:
These works are © copyright protected and are intended only for personal use. This set can be redistributed, but you cannot modify it and claim it as your own work. Distributing these icons commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited. Please contact the author for commercial use.
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Let me start off by admitting that I looked at this PSD for a whole of 10 minutes, just admiring its beauty. The sleek bezels of the phones, the subtle reflection on them, the rich colors of raspberries, and the crispness of the icons. Anyone who appreciates art, would just drool over this. Now, towards the critique.

Amazing vision is shown by you, and the final creation speaks of your depth of understanding of the intricate layers of the phone. The best way to sum up your vision is that people who see the PSD will get excited, which can be done only by the greatest of artists.

This is the first and the best PSD of HTC One on the internet; 'nuff said.

The technique is so impeccable that even after scouring for a whole of 30 minutes, rummaging through the layers, I could not find any flaw. Impeccable technique, perfection.

I think this piece of art makes a major impact due to the fact that another PSD of the phone I saw somewhere else was premium, while it was nowhere near the quality of this work. Take a bow, Abhi Aravind, for offerring all of us your works for free.
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I absolutely love this and would really like to use it, but unfortunately I use Photoshop Elements, which does not allow access/open/use of layer groups, rendering me basically unable to use the PSD. Is there some sort of lite version somewhere that simplifies the layers to just reflection/device/mockup space, etc. for each phone? If there is, I would love to get my hands on it.
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Update: I found a lovely fix and can now use layer folders. Thank you very much for this amazing PSD. I will definitely be using it in the future (with credits to you, of course). :heart:
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Hi! Your work is so nice! May I use this for promoting my own app? I would like to put some screenshot inside the devices.
I searched some mockup stuffs on the internet for a while but couldn't find any thing good
and when I saw this page , I was so impressed!
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Hi there. Yes you may, but please credit my mockups while using them. Thanks! :D
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No problem! Thanks a lot  :D
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Oh, and of course, I'll put that it is from your work!
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Can I use this image with custom image embedded on my personal site?
(With attribution, of course.)
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Yes, of course. Nod 
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scientists have discovered that android phones are used statistically by gays more than any other sexual preference. so if you are using android, you are most likely gay.
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Haha, good one. Now, run along. :| (Blank Stare) 
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dammit, i wanted the response i get from mobilesyrup and it's ferocious team of neckbeards who would demand the HTC One cost as much as a nexus phone!
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Well in terms of quality and specs, HTC is superior to Nexus; it is only right that HTC One would cost more. Sweating a little... 
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try telling it to the neckbeards at mobilesyrup... biggest hut of rabid fanboyism / entitlement you'll ever see (the average mobilesyrup commenter replaces their phone every 30 days btw)
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Haha, lol. Yeah, I use an Android phone and Macbook Pro, so I basically stay aloof of these camps. Sometimes, they get on my nerves. Sweating a little... 
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they get flustered soooooo easily. all i gotta do is claim that a 1080p screen is overblown and pointless, and they go to the bait and try to claim the vast superiority of a 440ppi display. i'll wait for a 6.4" tabletphone ("phablet" just sounds dirty) for a 1080p screen with more of, err... a purpose. hey, to the human eye, a 6.4" 1080p screen would appear just as sharp as a 5" 1080p one.... unless you have 20/10 vision or something
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Yeah, that's true. They are ready to jump the gun and need to be put on a leash, LOL. :D
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Thank you for letting me know. Your work is wonderful. Clap 
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