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Just two experiences that I'm posting when I was in the side of Splatoon GMOD/SFM community:

One (mostly): Because of how much this community is cancerous including the late February to June 2018 dramas spreading throughout the internet, I'm less motivated in making SFM poster and focusing on other things and that includes the IRL work as a self-employee for a family business. Good thing I'm not involved in chatting too many times 'cuz I'm neutral. And I realized that this community has many minors rather than adults **correct me if i'm wrong**.

Two: Two days ago, when I ported few S2 gear models for private and experimental use, people on a Discord server I'm not mentioning are so sensitive that I got immediately banned for stating "never releasing" (and I guess not constructive reasoning). After reading the chats and recovering from anxiety caused by it, I regret that posting a recent SFM artwork with a new (private) port would cause a silent panic (similar to tomato127's statement) and somehow questioning like "will it be released on public?". Not gonna lie. Sorry for being a show-off, but to be honest I'm more-than-a-week experienced in porting models and still learning (and maybe not?).

Aaaaand that's it for that.

Right now, I'm taking a break from making SFM poster after five months in the making, and someday I will return (with/without CORE member's on for the first time). And oh yeah... this is my first time posting a journal on my DA account.

  • Reading: This month's Attack on Titan manga.
  • Watching: Tokusatsu shows that was on my watch list.
  • Playing: Splatoon 2