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Commander Keen intro-like

It's my finished introscreen Commander Keen.

I worked on this for approximately 5 hours. It took so long because it was my first serious attempt to make Commander Keen art.

This pixel art will be used in my Commander Keen fangame.
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kemonobito's avatar
ahh commander keen
i remember those games from the good old ms dos days hehe.
i always found those games pretty enjoyable ^^
but anyways, i think u did an pretty good job at capturing the true commander keen intro style ^^
it really has that classic ms dos feel to it, which i like :)
DaVince21's avatar
Thanks. I tried hard to get that feeling to it. :)

Maybe I should make another one sometime... That is, if I can find 5 hours again. :XD:
kemonobito's avatar
your welcome :)
yes sometimes pixel works take quite a lot of time.
anyways i am curious how your next one will turn out.
maybe the commander keen text logo on the background also will be a nice touch for your next one :)

keep it up ^^
DaVince21's avatar
Well, I probably wouldn't make another Keen title screen, since this was actually for my fangame. But I have a few other projects for which I could try some fullscreen art...

I don't need to make the logo, I have all the letters for that already. I wanted to do a background but wanted to continue working on the game first, and I kinda forgot. =P
kemonobito's avatar
i see i see XD
so rightnow the game your working on is canceled or is it just on hold for a while ?
and would that game be made in flash or just some other kind of programming ?
i tried flash before but i suck at it XD
DaVince21's avatar
Nah, Moon Blade isn't cancelled at all! Or do you mean "that Pokemon Game"? That's been canceled for over a year. ;)

The new project is made in an RPG creator called Sphere. I wouldn't use pixel art in Flash anyhow.
kemonobito's avatar
ahh i see i see
well i was talking about the commander keen game your working on :)
anyways pixel art in flash is one of my favorite styles.
i love the old school feeling pixel flash games have :)
DaVince21's avatar
I can notice a few wrong things now... Lack of shoulder, way short left arm... =P

This is still my favourite work, and nobody favs it. Bah.
Volbeat's avatar
Woot! Commander Keen FTW.
DaVince21's avatar
Yays, another person to remember Keen! :)
Volbeat's avatar
I don't have it anymore, I don't think. But it's one of those games that you'll love forever. The graphics were great for the day and the sound was very cheerful.
DaVince21's avatar
Hey, you can still download parts 1, 4 and Keen Dreams from the 3DRealms website for free! Why not do so and relive these memories? ;)

And possibly [link] to get the games running.

Volbeat's avatar
Heh, I was looking for DOSbox, actually. :P
colonelwolf's avatar
I remembe that game... it was amazing! haha, you got class, my friend!
DaVince21's avatar
I sure do! I still play that game every once in a while, with a bit of DOSbox help... (or without, my pc can handle both)!
colonelwolf's avatar

*is now very jealous of you*
DaVince21's avatar
Well, it runs kinda bad even in Windows 98, but when I start up in native MS-DOS, it runs great (even with Adlib sound, my sound card still supports it)! And that's on a high-end PC! =P

Works fine on my Windows XP laptop too, with a little help from VDMsound.

Want me to send you all the Keen games later, perhaps?
colonelwolf's avatar

my game life has been amazing!

you are awesome. Will check in on that!

love that kid! and the inventions made from the household items, you have... yeeeeah, I remember it clearly. ^__^

:glomp: serious thanks, man!
Randomnobody's avatar
my fav old school computer game! i loooove commander keen ^_^ u got the helmet very well... it's quite nice :)
DaVince21's avatar
Thanks for that. I tried really hard on the helmet, seems it was a success! :)
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