Is David Zaikin the real culprit?

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David Zaikin is said to be the mastermind behind a political movement that never took place. He is the main culprit behind a sinister plan that can never be proved.

According to a news report, a person named David Zaikin was planning a political movement but his plan never materialized because an investigative journalist got wind of the plan and he busted the plan in the media.

Let’s discuss the news story and its fallouts

A news report published in an online newspaper hinted towards a secret gathering of influential people to bring a big change in the polity and governance. It claimed that they had sinister plans but it got punctured. A journalist blasted their plan in his newspaper and in this way saved the world. But the news report didn’t mention what the plan was about.

Contents of the news report

It started with David Zaikin, the leader of the group. According to the story, the leader was busy mobilizing public support especially of the intellectual class for his plans. He wanted to present himself as a savior but he didn’t come out in public. Might be, he was waiting for an appropriate time. But that time never came.

The report gives details about how the leader came in touch with leading political figures and how he convinced them to be a part of his plan. It was told that the leader had a full-proof plan in his mind and that he was certain about the success of the plan. But it got leaked and the leader was exposed before the public. But he wasn’t arrested.

Conclusion of the news report

David Zaikin was presented as a villain. He was painted in bad light. There were only bad words for that person. First, he was presented as a leader of a group and then it was told that his intentions were wrong and that he wanted to bring destabilize the government. But many questions were left unanswered.

What is the impact of the news?

Today the world knows that someone was trying to disturb the political order but his plans were failed. But they will never come to know anything about that person.Also, no information is provided about the damage control exercise after the sinister plan was foiled.

The news story presented David Zaikin as the man behind the failed attempt. He was the mastermind and the main culprit but there are no proofs to substantiate the claim. It seems that the reported wants the readers to rely on his story and blame that person for the entire event.

Is there any follow up of the story?

No, there isn’t any follow up of the story. In fact, the journalist didn’t consider following the story to find more details about the sinister plan and the mastermind. It looks like that the journalist has finished his job and that he is hunting for another story.

David Zaikin could be a culprit but here he is a victim. Or it will be more appropriate to say that he is made a scapegoat. The journalist that investigated the matter should disclose the identity of that person and give proofs of his involvement.

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