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Ultimate Comics Ultimates 21

Traditional gouache painting (with some digital effects). All art by me.



• What is the secret of SCORPIO?
• The HYDRA insurgency gets stronger and deadlier!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
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I haven't been to fond of your art lately. But THIS is AWESOME!!!! You should totally do this kind of style. It's realistic and the character comes to life. It's Amazing! I totally agree with you on THIS format/style/whatever you want to call it. I would BUY this cuz it's THAT AWESOME!
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You're welcome!
I heard a rumor that this cover was getting moved to a different issue with a Steranko Tribute cover filling in the space? A tribute cover whith a White Nick/Max Fury/Scorpio standing over the apparently defeated Ultimates ona Psychadelic(Duh, it's a Steranko tribute that part goes without saying) Hydra background. Or maybe it's just an alt cover?

Any truth to that?

Not sure the link will work but here's what I've seen.
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Well it seems your rumour may be true after all. From Previews website [link]

"Ultimate Comics Ultimates #20 (NOV120712, $3.99) will have a new cover by David Yardin that was previously solicited for Ultimate Comics Ultimates #21 (DEC120684, $3.99). The new covers for each book are shown here. The cover originally solicited for Ultimate Comics Ultimates #20 will now be featured on Ultimate Comics Ultimates #22.
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:? I don't know where you got that rumour, but it doesn't really make any sense to put a 616 Marvel image on an Ultimates cover.
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I would totally hang a poster of this in the studio. GREAT!

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Thank you. I wouldn't mind seeing it as a poster.
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Nice. I really like the whole 1940's pulp feel to it. Almost reminds me of something out of Frazetta's Conan.
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anytime. keep up the great work. merry turkey day.
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So the Ultimate Hydra isn't just made up of an Asgardian and anti-Americans, but now actual snakes too? That would make them a little bit more interesting. :)
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I have no idea... I just draw what I'm told.
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You do know that question about the snakes was supposed to be a joke, right?
We both wanna know what's really going on, so that's a good reason for us to keep reading the comics.
I've seen enough anime to know where this is going...:ohnoes:

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i really like this... makes me think of the old pulp covers i've seen online :nod:
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