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Storm 3

Pencils, inks and colours all done by me. The sky was done in Painter, the rest coloured in Photoshop. 



• Long ago, after she was worshipped as a goddess on the plains of Africa, Storm was stripped of her mutant powers and fell into deep depression. A brilliant inventor named Forge came to her rescue and nursed her back to health, showing her that she is so much more than her superhuman abilities. And a romance blossomed between them. But it was a love made to be broken…
• Now, years later, Storm has the powers and stature of a goddess once more, and she is reunited with Forge. But what does fate have in store for the pair this time?
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what do you use to scan?
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This is beautiful art work as usual --HATE the mohawk hair though.  I've never liked the de-feminization movement the writers/artists introduced for Storm that they didn't do with other females of the X-Men.

I forgot about Forge, but then, since he wasn't killed in any issue I can remember, he has always been "around."  Why they are dusting Forge off of the shelf is interesting.

The writers just can't seem to do "write" by Storm where romances are concerned.  They conjured up a back-story for her marriage to this T'Challa fellow, which wasn't well received because of the out-of-nowhereness of the marriage.  I read the issues going WTF... where did this guy come from.  I resented the writers not letting this "develop."  I stopped reading for a while!  If the writers had to go and do THAT MUCH back-story-fication, then that should have been telling them something.... that there was NOTHING THERE to begin with, so just develop the love story over some time.  Glad it was annulled.

Then there was this whole Storm/Cyclops thing... which made me taste a little throw-up, because Storm and Jean are friends... I couldn't believe the writers had Storm making out with Jean's ex or whatever he is to Jean these days!  Storm deserved better than to have Cyclops ever touch her that way... Cyclops is damaged romantic goods courtesy of the whole Jean/Phoenix/Madelyne/Children story focus focus focus.  If they were going to have Storm/Cyclops messing with each other, then it should have been before all of those focus feature issues involving Jean/Madelyne/Children.

Sigh... this whole Storm/Forge thing.  Unless the writers show a "development" of rekindled love/passion between them that finally has them getting married with children in the regular timeline.... they should just STOP.

Anyway, than you David for sharing another lovely work.
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Battle with Naze, right?
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A shame this is being canceled. Wonderful rendition of both characters.
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Beautiful. Great job.
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yes. i ship it. beautiful artwork.
Stunning atmosphere ...
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great work... fitting for the characters and their history.
I didn't know Forge was still around.
Keep up the great work!!
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Fantastic work!!!
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Storm and Forge. ...awesome.
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Brings back great memories of that Xmen run... I love how you were able to call this piece back and grab some of that emotion from the time. 
A beautiful and fitting image!!!
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I think this is where beyond saying 'this is awesome', I say... :icondatass:


KEep it up man!

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