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Savageland Colours

Pencils, ink on Bristol Board, and my first colour piece done with my new Wacom tablet in Photoshop. :)

All art by me.
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First off the bat: this is shweet, shweet I say. I'm not completely crazy about Rogue's pose... she looks just a tad forced, like she knew a camera was around. Not as natural looking as Storm, I guess I should say. Even though Storm is also standing straight, her shoulders have a slight forward position, giving her a little more flow. In fact at first, I thought both were too straight up and down for the composition, but the repeating shape of Storm's spear, and the contrasting shapes of Rogue's spear and the upper vines break that up. I also love... how to say this delicately... Storm's ethnic anatomy accuracy in comparison to Rogue's. My one real gripe? that forward bunch of flora. With it's coloring, my eye goes to it first, making it the subject matter over the hot chicks and savage dino that happen to be behind it. I would suggest shadowing it and the ground by something we don't see in the image, also benefiting the late afternoon lighting that you have, and forcing the foreground to become secondary, and forcing the eyes upward.
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Most of the elements in this piece look fantastic. I see nothing wrong with the anatomy of the human characters or the coloring, and the concept of scantily clad women in a prehistoric jungle is always awesome even if it has been drawn many times before. However, as an amateur dinosaur nerd, I do have some comments on the T. Rex. His mouth looks off to me; perhaps it is too wrinkly. Secondly, the palms of his hands should face each other instead of pronating like what you've drawn here. Thirdly, the lower arms are too long, giving them an anthropomorphic appearance. I recommend you look at skeletal diagrams of T. Rex, as well as paleoart depicting it, if you want to get your dinosaur anatomy right.
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Yeah the concept is not too original, but it was a commission request. I have to admit my knowledge of dinosaur anatomy is not as strong as I would like. I did use a bit of reference for the dinosaur, but I was leaning more towards artistic license with the dinosaur, seeing as how there aren't any complete living real world examples to reference. Most specimens found are just bones, so artists renditions, while educated are still guesstimations, plus depictions of dinosaurs have changed quite a bit over the years, so I didn't want to adhere too strictly to them.
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I have to agree with the past critique in that this does not need a critique. The female figures of Rogue and Storm are beautiful. They each hold their own body language that go with their characters. Rogue a little more relaxed, Storm a bit tense and critical. Even their facial expressions support their body language and the mood of the piece. The shadows and colors are right on, everything runs together perfectly. The T-Rex's placement in the background brings the whole dynamic of this piece together and gives it that much more emotion.

Awesome piece, it should definitely become a print in the future. Something worth buying
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Well, this is just super <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" title="=) (Smile)" /> I mean, you're obviously a professional in your field, so I figured I'd leap on the opportunity to say something substantive about it.

The placement of the dinosaur between the two figures is excellent composition, of course, since it allows for an interesting negative space. The figures are spot-on and have excellent anatomy, plus they're just hot to boot (particularly Rogue, she looks like an ultimate comic babe here). The color is great, and the setting is imaginative and fun.

I will admit to being a little bemused by two things: the disappearance of Storm's feet (I think I might see them there, but they really disappear into the background) and the position of the pterodactyl--the hanging vine is right in front of its head. It recedes into the background in such a way that it's not visually bothersome, but I do wonder if it looked distracting in the ink before you dropped it back digitally. Honestly, these aren't really complaints or suggestions, but rather questions from someone who aspires to do this kind of thing to someone who's high above her level--why that positioning rather than something different? Was it just part of an organic process, or was it planned?

This is excellent. Your babes and your scenery are a great representation of the skill level I wish I was at artistically, and a reminder of how far I still have to go. Cheers.
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Yes, I cheated a little by hiding Storm's feet, but they are there.

The placement of the closest Pterodactyl is just bad layout on my part. I knocked it back a little with the colours, but I almost (and probably should have) erased it completely.
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I honestly dont understand why you put up a critique because this is a stunning picture. The perspective is right, the shading is where it should be. Even the color is perfect. Setting sun hitting the girls practically in the face is gorgeous! I love how you actually made the effort to make Storm and Rogue have different Facial Features. Also Storm having a ghetto booty was a very nice touch lol. The T-Rex and Pterodactyls are colored properly as to not be in the foreground. Just all the little details you put in made this thing pop and its a masterpiece. You should be proud. Now all you gotta do is make it a print lol!
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Thank you.

I don't think anyone ever reaches a level where they are beyond critique, so that is why I put it up for critique.

I may make this a print at San Diego Comic-Con, and/or Wizard's Chicago Comic-Con.
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would you ever consider coming to Calgary Expo in the spring?
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Not this year; I'm not doing any conventions this year. I'd definitely love to do Calgary at some stage though.
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damn thats a shame but when you do decide to hit up conventions again We would love to have you here, You would be a BIG hit!
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Amazing prehistoric X-Men AU!

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There's always a T-Rex around when you just want to hang out with a friend!  :no:
Lemme fugen smash some prehistoric babes 
imma show her a tarzan boy
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Very nice and sexy art work, well done.
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So is there an actual "alternate savageland" version of X-Men? O are you just being awesome and creative? I'd love to see more =D
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Beautiful artwork :)
WOW this is sooooo beautiful. Every detail is amazing.
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so gooooooooooooooddddddddd
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:wow: very very good job!!!
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