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Another for my growing Ben 10 collection. See more here: [link]
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This is a true Movie Monster.
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The most badass underrated alien ever
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And I think when he stopped the Krakken (in the episode with the same name) from killing the one who stole her eggs, it was like this. Ripjaws (to the Krakken, telepathically perhaps): Please don't hurt him. He may be a jerk, but you're not really a monster. I'll take care of him while you take care of your eggs. 
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I'd pay to see that movie...
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This guy was my favorite. :)
I really don't like how he looks in the newer shows.
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I think they should have stuck with the original designs.
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Thats why i like these aliens of the original.
Also because the new ones are mostly to much metal and steel material
related that just dont make sense with Bens organic alien transformations
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Orphaned is one of my favourite aliens in the entire series! I always want to find cool fan art of him, and I give this picture a 10/10
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Stupid auto correct, I meant to say ripjaws.
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:iconripjawsplz::iconsaysplz:"You wanna mess with a monster?  Try me on for size!"
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I love that you have the light shine.
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Thanks. I thought he may as well use it like an angler fish.
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I just love how the fact the Ripjaws can rip thou almost anything with his mouth lol :D
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Yeah, I like his original look, not how they made him appear in Ultimate Alien.
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I know! But did you here about Omniverse? OMG the art work and animation is just TERIBBLE THEY RUINED A GREAT SHOW!!!!! The aliens are terible even my old fav's look terible!!! I am so disapointed You know I just want the original Ben 10 and thats it!! you know were there still kids going around the US with there grandpa, man I miss that show so much!
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Omniverse isn't in Australia yet. I did watch Destroy All Aliens the other day - that was pretty cool.
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Cool :D but once you even get a quick look at Omniverse you will really hate it I mean it they are doing even crudy with the new aliens!
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Spectacular work. Ah Ben 10, the show that was much better in its roots than the horrible marketing campaign it's become now.
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Thanks. It's certainly the merchandiser's dream.
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