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Modern Social Media Icons

FINALLY - a full set of Modern Social Media icons that are up to date. 
Here you are, hand-PhotoShop'd by yours truly. Each icon is natively 80x80, but I have provided 64x, 32x, and 18x versions as well. 

If you use - PLEASE GIVE CREDIT!! You can link back to and use "David V. Kimball" as my name.

I also take suggestions - if I missed any social media site you would like me to include, I'll update this.


Update 1: Updated to now include Meerkat and Periscope icons.

Update 2: Added Medium, Svbtle, Vidme, Crushee, Glympse, Banjo, Tripit, Yik Yak, Patreon, Kickstarter, Pushpay, Wallapop, Product Hunt, Mobli, Socialcam, Beam, and GoFundMe icons.

Update 3: Added Website, Email, VK, Last.FM (updated), Flickr, Digg, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Google Currents, Google Drive, Google Maps, Flipboard, Origin, Bandcamp, Cinemagram, Crackle, IMDB, Deezer, iTunes, eBuddy, Sourceforge, Blab, Clammr, Spreaker, CrowdBuzz, and Musically.
© 2015 - 2021 davidvkimball
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Bonjour Merci pour ce pack! Nous ferons mentions de votre nom. ;)

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Hi, I really like these icons and can I add other icons so that I need them? I would like to complete the customization of the same icons but the ones I miss are not there.

let me know please

greetings from Italy

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Update 4? I really hope so one day. Love this icon set.

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Hi Friends Please Click The Link And Watch The Video  Is Unlimited  social media work!!!…  
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The. Best. <3 
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Nice icons! Could you make a ModDB icon too? Thanks.
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N-not sure if you are still accepting requests for these, but a Discord icon would be awesome if you have the time. ;w;
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Would love to have the icon for BookBub.
Awesome! Thanks m8
Also, Stitcher, not Slack for podcasts
Sorry, should have looked at the list closer, I thought I had seen it listed, but PayPal would also be great.
Can you look at a Slack one, for podcasters? These are awesome and brilliant by the way, thank you!
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How about a RSS  and PSN icon?
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You can add livestream though :)
davidvkimball's avatar
Livestream, coming right up! 
Drayuu's avatar
davidvkimball's avatar
Hey it's not in the pack yet, but here take it anyway:

Drayuu's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
Have a great day!
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Thank you! Been looking for a set including Twitch and the new DeviantArt logo and here it is!
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You're welcome! 
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These are great! Thank you for sharing :)
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Thank you! My pleasure. :)
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Thanks David, I have been searching to add to my website for Web Communications unit, hopefully I can figure it out. I will add your name.
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