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To Write Love On Her Arms

My take on the TWLOHA logo.
I'm in no way affiliated with TWLOHA, I just made this to show support.
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© 2008 - 2021 DavidtheDestroyer
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Done in After Effects?
i really like this
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:heart: lovely job :)
:heart: TWLOHA
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My friend showed my about To Write Love On Her Arms and it pretty much saved me :heart:
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What kind of font is this? plz tell me
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I took the original logo and vectored it, then modified it from there. (unfortunately, i didn't know much about it at the time so it came out aliased, but i digress)
i don't remember the actual font they use, you'll have to ask them.
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really good design. it's kind of a pity that i think TWLOHA is one of the dumbest things ever.
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I was wondering if I could use this in a video tribute for TWLOHA? I would make sure you get credit.
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and if i get sued for use of the logo, i'll be sure you get credit.
haha just kidding. use it if you wish
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haha gee thanks. Thank you very much
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:hug: This image has been featured in a TWLOHA Dedication News Article as well as my Journal!

If you like the article, please :+favlove: the article to help spread the word! :heart:
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You should ask them to take it as their logo or even post it to them. :)
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if they want it they can have it, i've posted it to the street team. i would probably have to make a few more to prove that i'm good enough for them to use my work officially. maybe my valentine's one will do the trick ;)
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I really like what you've done to it! Very cool.
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Twloha =) Its awesome ;) keep it up =)
DavidtheDestroyer's avatar
thanks. you should check out my newer one
Joshua52's avatar
I certainly will :O
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it looks awesome! i'd buy it =D
RhythmGuitaristRyan's avatar
TWLOHA :D adding this to my favorites.
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Yeshh. You can. :]
You can get them at concerts they'll be with. Recently it's been with Warped, Switchfoot, etc.

Just check out their myspace or website.

You can also purchase off their online store. :]
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