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Maur Crowned Warmaster

Maur Crowned Warmaster by the Emperor of Mankind.
This is an alternative setting called "War of Light".
Use your Google-fu. I'm not the creator of this alternative setting. 

This was a huge painting, but I am very happy with the result. Fans might recognise the armour of Maur from previous illustrations I made. 

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this is fine art dude~!

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Great work but it would help immensely if you could provide a link to that fanfiction because it's not listed as an AU in the Lexicanum or Space Marine Wiki and google turn up only with artworks of Maur on pinterest.

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Thanks for the share, it's an amazing read :)

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This is so awesome!!

Amazing work!

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Such a great artwork that you've made.

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Excellent work. A great depiction of a momentous event .

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