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Lord of the Black Tempest


Synkkä Vipunen, “Lord of the Black Tempest,” Arch-Witch of the XX Legiones Astartes, the “Hounds of Surmah”.
Synkkä is known amongst his legion and many others as the “Lord of the Black Tempest,” due to his predilection towards weather-related psychic powers. He has a tendency to manifest the weather of his homeworld, Verivaltas (a death world version of Finland; forest and swamps cover the entire planet, and it’s only a tad brighter than Nostramo), whenever he is in battle; so dark skies, heavy rains and black lightning follows in his wake.

I'm available for commissions!

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Gorgeously detailed work! But the XX Legion are the Alpha Legion. Which would make him Alpharius...
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He's a Primarch of The Antarus Heresy, from the Legions Reborn project.…