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Brazen Bulls Assault Marine in Sunderer-armour

Some of you might remember me painting some Brazen Bulls other characters (Primarch- Maur, a WarPriest, etc). Sunderer-pattern Armour is the Legions own pattern armour.
The Brazen Bulls obviously have armour focusing on their affinity for assault.
Same as previous illustrations of the Brazen Bulls: Greek-Indian themes. Black with Gold accents.
I'm available for private commissions look for more info here:
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Such a beautiful boy.

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Very nice, the power maul looks great.
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"no hatered as we move throu flesh of enemy, it is they fate, it is our fate, till there are none for us to charge at..."
looks oddly stoic
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Beware the Alien, The mutant, the heratic!

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Beware the stinky humanitus suffering Humans. (only cure involves an airlock) XD

(If you play FTL and go to an abandoned sector and/or watch Lethalfrag's FTL Twitch streams, you'll soon understand why) ;)
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