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Salvation by davidrussell Salvation :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 0 2 God Bless This House by davidrussell God Bless This House :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 0 6
so impatient,
just wait.
It'll all be better soon.
Death arrives,
exchange of hands,
powder-filled bag.
Life has never cost so much.
Little shelter,
cold wind and rain,
almost home.
Wherever that is today.
Cook up,
sit back,
deep breath,
and push that fucking plunger.
So noisy.
So silent.
So perfect.
So wrong.
So what?
I would spend,
in this moment.
If I could,
it feels so right,
so empty and forgotten
like the joining,
of body and soul,
In unity.
In peace.
Constrict the flow,
of the air you're breathing.
Ripping through the paradise,
of where you were hiding.
What good is circulation,
if it's just feeding your destruction?
Show some fucking respect,
and accept your fate.
No complaints now,
it's all your fault.
Feel the nothing,
return within.
Now pay attention,
to what you are,
and what you were.
Past tense.
Close your mind,
and close your eyes.
It's all over now.
:icondavidrussell:davidrussell 12 12
Tragic Tale of The Chip Shop
Once upon a time,
there was this dude who liked chips,
with peas and gravy.
One nice winter day,
when it was snowing and stuff,
he wanted some chips.
"Wow An adventure!"
The chip shop was miles away.
"They better not go cold."
It is really bad,
when a poem contains speech.
Writer needs shooting.
So off Jim galloped.
For our chip boy is called Jim.
And he has a horse.
How do cows eat grass,
if it is covered in snow?
Must be very hard.
The ground is slippy.
"I hope we do not slip, horse."
But, alas, they slipped.
Serves the tosser right.
He should have walked , not ridden.
It's not your fault, horse.
And so ends chip boy.
Jim will never ride again.
Because he is dead.
Horse sold his story,
for lots and lots of horse food.
And, of course, a Hug.
:icondavidrussell:davidrussell 6 16
stop by davidrussell stop :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 0 26
I Forget
and I'm thinking of the time,
the time when she said,
when she said...
I forget.
and so, this time.
third time unlucky,
or so it seems.
that which I'm aiming for;
at least,
that's what I think.
and it will always continue,
we're tossed aside,
back of the queue.
A to B.
top of the fucking class.
and I'm thinking
of the time
when she said what she said
but I just don't know.
I forget what it is,
but I know how it feels.
and I know how it feels.
It feels great.
:icondavidrussell:davidrussell 1 14
cross-stitch by davidrussell cross-stitch :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 1 2 Construction by davidrussell Construction :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 0 4 Armistice by davidrussell Armistice :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 1 5 Cigarettes by davidrussell Cigarettes :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 7 30 Pseudo Evolution by davidrussell Pseudo Evolution :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 0 3 Dot Focus by davidrussell Dot Focus :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 0 4 Caffeine by davidrussell Caffeine :icondavidrussell:davidrussell 2 12



United Kingdom
Current Residence: Sheffield, UK
Operating System: OSX and Win7
oh hi

so yeah I went away for a little bit but then I thought about it and decided you know what let's (just me) go hang out on dA for a bit. Now I want to write something.

so since last time i was here: i've worked in 3 different jobs; lived in 5 different addresses (including a different city); changed girlfriends; started 2 degrees; failed 2 degrees; started a successful web design and development company and have achieved my three dreams of making soap, owning swords and living in Sheffield.

Now I want to write some things.

  • Listening to: Ghetto Gospel - Elton John + 2Pac
  • Drinking: Cream Soda & Coffee (Seperate Containers)


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Sperpy Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009  Hobbyist
dxd Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Alright Dave.

How are you?
enchantma Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
omg it's been years......!! hi!!
TheOriginalSilence Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2006
huh, you have the same name as me...ImpOsTeR!!!
klark-kent Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2005
Hey ya stinky Communist, you aren't cool enough to know of The Scene...


davidrussell Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2005
is it emo its emo isnt it i knew it was
enchantma Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
yeah...i am... @___@ just turned 5,017 in november T___T *sigh* enjoy ur youth while it lasts ^^
defpoet Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2004
ur sarky-ness (lol) shines through,
its quiet hysterical actually.
keep it up mate.
davidrussell Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2004
lol thanks

hi i was just wondering what your current view on the world is right now
defpoet Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2004
heh, quite loaded question for a first conversation dont u think? haha..
in what sense? politically? socially?..
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