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all around london if you look closely you will find banksy art.
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hahaha:D (Big Grin)  ... very good , banksy's a really artist Clap 


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O_o mature content? why? children should open their mind with Banksy art
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Ugh I want to go to london just to art search for Banksy art. :D
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You simply gotta love Banksy.
What he does is true art.
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Legend always will be.
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What a great shot! You made the piece look fantastic. :D
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Banksy is the best.
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He is one in a million isn't he?
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How do you know its banksy?
I love him, so clever and amazing.
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I have seen this stensil in his book which shows most of his stensil work. I'm the only person on DA that has this particular Banksey.

I found it in a very out of the way place.
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Im so jealous that you people from london can walk around your town and see these everywhere, like a huge gallery-but i guess thats what he was gettin' at.
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Banksy is awesome. I love his art.
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Not seeing Babnsy's work is one of the things I miss about not living in London anymore.
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I haven't even been to England once. Would be great if I could see that live.
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Not seen this one, so had to :+fav: ;)
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Thanks for the out loud chuckle this morning :tighthug:
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Banksy is 1 in a million isn't he?
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who is he I am not familiar with it
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Nice photo man :)
I love Banksy.
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