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Photoshop Actions 1-10

By davidnanchin
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This is a zip containing all 10 of my first Photoshop Actions. All made in CS 2.

If not wanting to download the collection you can download them or view other previews:
001 FrostBite [link]
002 Retrogressive Noise [link]
003 Diabolic [link]
004 Dim and Jade [link]
005 Foliage [link]
006 In Front Light [link]
007 Closer [link]
008 Coffee [link]
009 Retrograde Mint [link]
010 Colour Cast [link]

I appreciate your support with the many pageviews and downloads. If you are able to contribute any donation if you find these have helped your post processing work please do so through paypal at the following [link] Thanks :)

Credit for use is appreciated (not necessary). I would love to see what you come up with. Please Comment/Fav/donate it is very encouraging to me to know that the actions I post are helpful/useful.

Stock by :iconscorpistock:
© 2009 - 2021 davidnanchin
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how can i get the coffee action? Thanksss
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was learning about this today in my classroom and I gotta say. these are amazing. I like the effect some of them give off, especially the ones around 9 and 10. 2 and 4 I like to see as an old style photo. Again. Looks great to me ^^
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thanks you 
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Would love to purchase actions 1 - 10 but not sure if all will work in PSE 10 although I had no problems with the "Diabolic" action. Anyone used these actions in PSE 10? I would love to know if they all worked please
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I use PSE 11 and every action in this package has worked wonderfully
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thanks a bunch sir
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Very good action
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doesn't work in cs5? :/
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how can I download?
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thanks bunches! I wish I had money to donate but when I start making money off my bad ass edits, I'll be back with double ! :)
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The download link is hidden on the ride side column. I guess it makes way too much sense to include the links in the post...
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Half the comments on this entire site are the all asking the same question: How does one actually download anything from this site?
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how do i download the actions?
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how to download??
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Excellent actions... thanks :)
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you sir are awesome!
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