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'Free To Be You And Me'

30 x 40 Acrylic on Canvas. Showing at Thinkspace Gallery, for "Love Conquers All" a Proposition 8 theme show for equality. [link]
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1349x1822px 1.61 MB
hp photosmart 735
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1/596 second
Focal Length
6 mm
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Date Taken
Aug 3, 2010, 8:45:38 PM
© 2010 - 2021 davidmacdowell
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daxusx's avatar
Kinda so brillant work!!
scarletwave's avatar
Gawds, do you remember the "Free to be you and me" film thingy from like, the second grade or something? I have no idea what it was about really but I remember those words. And for some reason I think Marlo Thomas was involved. lol Is that at all accurate? Or just some fever dream? "Just ask Dave, he would know" :paranoid:

this is great. Oh. that is different to hear, isn't it? BITCHIN WORK, MAN, YOU ROCK!!! :lmao:
davidmacdowell's avatar
Yeah-I used to have the Album of "Free To Be.." and I worshipped it as a kid! Its out on CD now if you dare to revisit it:)
scarletwave's avatar
:police: Why on EARTH would I do that to myself XD You are a braver little soldier than, I, sweet David.
davidmacdowell's avatar
It does have its hippy high points-Alot of the songs sound like "Jesus Christ Superstar" but molded for kids. I think it was made to make kids feel ok about being ugly and/or gay..ya know=like most kids..
scarletwave's avatar
Huh, and I thought all this time it was so we could get to all walk single-file to that one room and sit on the carpeted floor and get to watch a filmstrip. Boy have I been wrong. :rofl:
davidmacdowell's avatar
Hee hee-Yeah-In retrospect-the "creep factor" is pretty high.. [link]
scarletwave's avatar
I had actual FEAR going to that link...and then just :wow: I mean, wow, what the... how bizarre. I was born in the early 70's so this stuff really is such a trip. Again, on the carpet. And you are right, if you think of it, there is sooo much in our era that CPS would be all OVER now. :lmao: It is not right!!! There must be a medium somewhere... XD I bookmarked the link. >.>
lil-ith-x's avatar
What can I say? I just love it. It's a complex composition, and still turned out very nice!!
buckymcnasty's avatar
:icondiegotripodi: was right, you are a master chef!
davidmacdowell's avatar
Hey big Thanks Mythfits! I love your interpretation of the "chains of the heart blown open"=GREAT description! Do you mind if I use it if anyone asks?;) I did the silhouette first and then drew everything in not really knowing how the big picture would look. The thing is so big{30 x 40} that it was hard to step away from it and really see what was going on. Im glad that it came out having a lyrical direction in the end
mythfits's avatar
It's so delightful to connect like this in visual dialogue. Yes, of course, use it. It was clearly you who said it, brilliantly, beautifully, for all to see.

Isn't it wonderfully mysterious, that such lyracism can emerge from us without the full conscious awareness that is associated with putting it into words? Isn't this part of the deep magic of art; it flows from us like a waking dream just waiting for us to discover what we really mean.
mythfits's avatar
The silhouette is Mickey with his arms streched wide open embracing the rainbow, and the chains of his heart blown open. Extraordinary, powerful, work! :frail: :earth: :frail:
density-tmr's avatar
Excellent well done. Love the figure at the bottom in the peach dress
DanGodwin's avatar
I can't describe how amazed i am- great painting.
nnicc's avatar
The more I see this picture, the more things I find in it.
But I still can't uderstand if there something hidden in the shapes you put across the whole paiting.
How do you chose the carachters?
ravensky17's avatar
love the lez love between minnie and minnie. t-shirt.
EmmaMount's avatar
just wow!!
your layers have layers and your meanings have layers, each of your paintings is just a neverending adventure to me!
rozesur's avatar
very pretty congratulation:rose:
MummysLittleMonster's avatar
Beautiful! I love that transparent overlay...its perfect!
MissMoselle's avatar
you've got so much going on in your mind. i would love to be in it for an hour or so... :)

this piece in incredible.:heart:
davidmacdowell's avatar
Maybe you could go in and do some organizing;P least help put the madness in alphabetical order-Haa!
eliq's avatar
nah, your madness is part of your genius i think. i would just like to be entertained by your thoughts!!!!:heart::heart:
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