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Robin Hood poses for Disney by David Kawena

By davidkawena
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Last year I was approached by Disney to create new poses of classic characters. The most challenging one was Robin Hood! The request was to give him a bit more attitude and personality, as most clip art/promotional art of Robin were pretty bland and off-model!

One of my biggest pet peeve is seeing characters drawn off-model! So when Disney asked me to put extra emphasis on keeping Robin (and other characters I drew) on model, you can imagine I was in a creative heaven. Armed with countless of Milt Kahl model sheets to guide me, this was probably one of the most fun jobs I've ever done for the house of mouse.

Artwork by David Kawena, Robin Hood © Disney.

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© 2015 - 2021 davidkawena
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Pray tell, how does one design a classic character in a new pose, all the while keeping them on-model?
RenamonLover19's avatar
Love those facial expressions!
briansimba7's avatar
Well, awsome job I like Eobin Hood.
FoxyStig's avatar
Robin is awesome!
seivour's avatar
Such a handsome fox :D
beggtoons's avatar
Wolfcho's avatar
The most handsome cartoon fox ever created. Not that there's much competition.
Jandreau's avatar
Holy hell, he is handsome! I'd love to see more of him from you!
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... some nice looking heroic poses there! :D
Kodimarto's avatar
VERY awesome job on drawing this!!! :)

KCStudiosCA's avatar
Great drawing. Instant fave.
rjarts15's avatar
I like the first one, the way the hat covers his right eye really adds to his character.
LordAkiyama's avatar
Absolutely fantastic illustrations. Here's hoping this leads to something grand.
nasubionna's avatar
Fantastic!  Always had such a crush on Robin as a little girl, it's great to see such wonderful on-model artwork of him!    Thank you David, and thank you Disney!
Buraideviant's avatar
OMG this is amazing that Disney approached you.  Usually something like this is "SHUNNED" by the big D people....  Usually because of the furries....  But seriously great job, Disney should bring this guy out more often. 
kittybattybuster51's avatar
Amazing Job Sir.Kawena your art really amazes me and I am so very thankful I have someone like you around for my art technique to aspire to be. If that sentence even made sense but Sir thank you!!!! This really isin't a critique I just needed to tel you how I am really happy of/with your work.
DennisBell's avatar
Love the second one.  I think Milt would be proud.
MikeBennett1980's avatar
Awesome job on one of my all-time favorite characters (and the reason I started liking foxes ;))! :D

Milt Kahl would be proud! :)
Nippy13's avatar
Such an amazing job!!!Here in all its glory...facebook resolution sucks :)
ssimag's avatar
No one could have captured my childhood crush better than you, David.
daekazu's avatar
Lovely! : )))
julialovesgt's avatar
i love love love both of these!!!! He looks so suave and impish! I don't know which one I like more! I love the 2nd one's eyes, but the first one's snark is on point!
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