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Pray For Nepal


URGENT UPDATE: With over 4,000 dead in Nepal, a horrifying estimate of over 10,000, your help is needed more than ever! Follow any of the links to join hands and raise money to help the people of Nepal. 


Doctors Without Borders  

Global Giving -

My heart goes out to the people of Nepal. About 7 people who are like family members to us are currently in Kathmandu and today was extremely hard. God bless, they are all safe, but the growing number of deaths seems impossible to comprehend.

At times like these I personally turn to prayers, and I believe that any kind of positive thoughts and outreach never falls on deaf ears. Lets Pray For Nepal.

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Its terrible what happened.:(But nature is nature.We can only pray it wont happen soon again and try to be nicer to each other.
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I am auctioning a painting and the proceeds are to be donated to UNICEF for the Nepal Relief Efforts.

SELENE-2 by jbritz22  
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My heart goes out for Nepal as well.. I really like the country and the people there.

Anyway may I ask something more technical about the image? How do you achieve such beautiful colours? Filter with photoshop? I've been wanting to create such affects but can't quite get it right.
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Can I use this image for my website here?

It's a news website for my church and I'm one of the contributors.

Thank you


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I have friends in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan :'U;;
Some of them, I couldn't keep in contact with and I really hope they are OK 
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There are over 13 people I know personally who are like family members to us, currently in Nepal. We've managed to contact all of them and some are already on their way back home. 

I hope and pray you'll be able to get in touch with your friends soon and that they're all safe and in good health. 
Stay strong. 
If you want to help them do a donation, i am a member of an ONG, we will go there in June to help them but before the departure we try to find funds to help Nepal to build themselves

You can do a donation on :…
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Yes,we could pray for the Nepal!Waaaah! 
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...or do something constructive like donate
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Yeeeeeeeeah, You know the money disappears once it's in the system when you Donate. Just think about it, Billions are donated to poor countries/hospitals/shelters.
But when you go to the hospital/Shelters their price of service is still the same/higher, and countries still poor/er despite the constant donations around the world.   
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Corruption and misuse of aid funds is certainly a reality and a problem, but things are getting better and aid does help. One shouldn't give up on donation because corruption exists.

I know nothing about you, but I personally found the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2014 annual letter wonderfully inspiring and uplifting, as well as being chocked full of sources/references backing up the claims being made. Perhaps you will also find it a good or useful read. The second section is particularly on point for this topic...…
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I don't really give up, I just give more towards smaller companies that are within eyeshot to see result are happening or haven't gone corporate. It's easy to see what the money is used for if companies are pretty much down the street "close by", and either see them emproving the facility/service or just driving around with a new expensive car/clothes/etc. 
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  Some of us can't donate, please don't be rude. Religous people exist in this world. We have the freedom to pray, and this picture is telling us to send our best wishes and prayers.
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I never said you don't have the freedom to pray. I insinuated it's not constructive. Because it's not.

If you call it rude to call out "I'll think good thoughts for you" as ineffective, then so be it. I personally find it terrifying that so much of the population feels non-action accomplishes anything and considers it a virtue.
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I guess I will just leave it at having a different point of view.
But one thing, the way you say it, whether you know it or not, is rude. I understand that you don't think it helps,  but we do.
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We don't pray for Nepal to directly help Nepal. We know we can do nothing. We pray to honor and respect the dead. We pray to hopefully contact whatever spiritual entity or entities exist to let them know we care about what happen. We pray to REMIND OURSELVES WE care about what happened. We pray because we CARE. Its not about it being non-constructive to rescuing victims of a disaster. Its about showing love in the only way we can.
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