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Disney's FROZEN - Full Colour and in 2D!

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Published: October 16, 2013
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After seeing all the gorgeous conceptual art work for Disney's upcoming Frozen, I just had to give it a go and see what will they look like in a 2D hand drawn animation style.
2 days of work and it's done!

What do you guys think? Are you excited about the movie? Would you prefer it would be 2D or CGI?

Have a great day
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shishiyoukaiHobbyist General Artist
absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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Omegastar890Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is amazing, you are a great artist and have a wonderful talent my friend :) keep up the fantastic work!
To be honest, I would love to see hand drawn animation in cinemas again because I feel like hand drawn animation shows a bit effort and skill has been put into it but I still like CGI animated films :)
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KaumiThomasonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks pretty fantastic, nice job on this!
FROZEN is a good Disney film and I love the music! :)
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This makes me wish that Frozen should have been done in 2D animation. Excellent job here! Fantastic job on the details! Heart 
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As much as I admitted that Frozen is not going to be in 2d animation, but despite of that, I love the movie. And despite of the layoffs of veteran hand drawn artists, they still have hand drawn animation. But they're only using it for shorts and special projects like at Disneyland or Disney World. I hope someday Disney will do another hand drawn animated feature if they keep this up to make their upcoming films to be a hit.
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ToonEGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
You are an absolute disgrace to even praise Disney and that movie for what they've done. Frozen was NOT meant to be another movie for Disney to push the CGI agenda onto the world. It was meant to be another movie to stand for the beauty, value, and merits of traditional animation, that such animation has a right to exist today, and that it's NOT all about CGI. That's why Princess and the Frog was such a good movie, and why Frozen (and every other CGI movie that's come out of Disney now) exists as the biggest insult ever to the very art of doing hand-drawn animation. You CAN'T love that movie and say that you respect hand-drawn as an art. The Disney studio of today is nothing but cheating, lying, backstabbing trash, and as long as I'm still living, I'm going to make sure that everyone knows it.
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"The Disney studio of today is nothing but cheating, lying, backstabbing trash, and as long as I'm still living, I'm going to make sure that everyone knows it."

Yep! it's official! You are a fascist (someone who tries to force people to agree with him/her/them), without a doubt!
ToonEGuy's avatar
ToonEGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Anyone who truly has a right understanding of what "Disney animation" is meant to be would agree with me. Fortunately, I have met some people on DeviantART who I haven't had to argue my point with cause they already understand where I'm coming from with what's become of Disney today and they feel the same way I do. I won't name any names in particular, cause that's my own business to know.
GerryAAB's avatar
You know what, what's the point trying to argue with you about the term "Disney animation"? You're just gonna simply deny it, because you have those nostalgia goggles on for too long (I don't mean that literally by the way).

And let's be honest here, it's clearly obvious to me that you just can't seem to accept change, and want everything to stay the same way as they were back during your childhood days. Hating a movie just because it's CGI is one of the dumbest reasons to hate a movie. If you want to hate on a certain movie or a franchise, use more acceptable reasons like plot-holes, annoying characters, crappy-looking animation, confusing story, etc. These are all valid reasons for disliking a movie. In the end, what made Disney's modern films successful today is the story and characters (and yes, I love Disney's modern films myself, particularly Zootopia). Change is bound to happen if something runs for over a decade, or even a century. Do you remember Super Mario Sunshine? If so, then you'd probably know that it's so much different compared to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World, yet the majority of Mario fans (and myself) still love or at least deem it as an official Mario game!

BTW, I'd pretty much classify you and those people who are on your side about Disney today, as "ToonEGuy-ian classicists" (influenced by ExoParadigmGamer's term "Egoraptorians" for the classic-Sonic fanboys), because nobody represents this incredibly biased and short-sighted crowd of 2D Disney fanboys anymore than you do! Also, I don't respect you anymore; you clearly don't deserve it, after all those nasty comments I've seen from you on this website and Twitter.
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ToonEGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
"If you want to hate on a certain movie or a franchise, use more acceptable reasons like plot-holes, annoying characters, crappy-looking animation..."

Oh, you mean like thinking that Disney characters look like crap in CGI and would have looked better in 2D animation? LOL

For the record, there have been plenty of modern 2D cartoons on television that I've really disliked as well, such as the modern-day Mickey Mouse shorts, for having crappy, ugly, and visually unappealing drawing styles and art compared to so many 2D cartoons of the past, but whenever I criticize those cartoons, people just like you attack me for it and use the exact same reason that even the cartoonists of those shows themselves are making to justify the art being so bad: "story and characters".
GerryAAB's avatar
What?? No! I don't think Disney characters today look like garbage in CGI. They actually still look very functional and appealing to look at in my eyes. I mean, if you think the Disney-style doesn't fit in CGI (It's obvious that you do), then you have a right to that opinion. But here's the thing, trying to justify your opinion and especially your aesthetic taste is gonna be really hard for you, because people like me are gonna find a way to debunk your claims.

That, and what you said about modern 2D cartoons 'looking like s**t' (when they really don't look THAT bad to me), really leads me to my biggest problem with you. You seem to care more about the visuals than the story and characters, which (you may not, but I believe) are far more important than the way it looks. Sure, I prefer well-drawn 2D animation over a more simplistic style, but despising a cartoon just because it looks too simplistic for your taste is unacceptably judgemental, as far as I'm concerned.
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You know what? You need to shut the hell up! You're might end up in the mental institution! And by the way, it's all your fault that I got banned from DVDizzy.com because of you!Rage 

I hope I didn't take it too far.
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What was it about CG animation that made it replace hand drawn in the first place? Seriously none of us fans asked for that to even happen!
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Lovely! I really wish Disney would bring back the good old 2D (and hire you as a designer ;) )
Flames-Of-Doom's avatar
What's is going to take for fans to convince them to do that?
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ToonEGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
For one thing, they need to get out of their delusion that they should be making CG movies and throwing away their own 2D animation to do it. The Disney I know was established as a hand-drawn studio, and that's just what they're meant to be. Continuing to make movies like Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph has only made them lose sight of themselves.
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Bring back the 2D, Disney. We miss it!
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I believe it is better than 2d
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RetrowavezHobbyist General Artist

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Thanks for doing this.
I ALWAYS PREFER Disney traditional 2D drawing. 
New 3D one is so not Disney.
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