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Disney Heroes - Tarzan 2

By davidkawena

Finally - after such so long, it is time for another Disney Hero post!

This time around I'm continuing the "facial shots" side of the collection, started with Hercules… now it's Tarzan's turn to 'make a face'!

I always had the most great admiration for Disney's / Glen Keane's vision of Tarzan! The fact that he was so different from the typical "Johnny Weissmuller" perception of "Tarzan", and was so much more bold and daring take on this iconic character was one of the most refreshing and innovative things that the Disney studios has released, and the most perfect way to close up the studios brilliantly artistic time of the 1990' before moving on to the 2000'!

The strong jaw line, the sharp nose, and these deep-deep eyes were an instant fave of mine! And while many other people I know, thought that Disney's version of Tarzan had more of 'monkey' then a human to him in terms of look, I thought, - and still am - That Tarzan is one of Disney most handsome guys ever, and defiantly the most sensual of them all - just look at the way he moves through the jungle! My god! ;P

The desire to draw this one hit me while I was in London, a little more them a month ago, as I was walking down the street a cool guy passed over me and he had the most brilliant dreadlocks ever! I just thought of Tarzan immediately and I knew as soon as I'll come back to Israel, this'll be the first thing I'm doing!

I wanted to keep this Tarzan drawing more 'darker' then the Hercules one, in terms of colour use and pose... Trying to portray Tarzan's animal-side, yet keeping the 'classic-portraits' look... And give it a little sensual edge along the way :P

I hope it pulled it through...

There's another Disney Hero along the way - this time it'll be a new torso shot of royalty heritage coming up really soon!!! Can you guess who will it be? :D

So sorry for the long delay in updates, it's the holiday season right now, I have tons of work and almost no time! But I will try to update with every little new thing that I have for you all!

Have a Brilliantly Wonderful Day Everyone!

:hug: :kiss:
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Zonvelf's avatar
the details in the hair is absolutely!!! 
HarryRooden's avatar
Gotta love that chin! Hahahahaha! I feel as though Tarzan might be a little more innocent than you portray him here, but I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and perfect! It's a wonderful "darker side" type that's so nice to look at. Great work!
happyjob's avatar
shade not sade...duh!!
happyjob's avatar
truly amazing love the contrast between sade and light ad really shows a darker side to tarzan
Amelia-Seyruun's avatar
RomanceFreak's avatar
That look in his eyes...!!! :love: :squee:
cirquegirl922's avatar
love love love your art style is truely amazing. keep up the good work
chrisferna93's avatar
You sir trully have so much talent. I reallyyyyyyy hope someday i can reach your level through practice :)
btw im new to this so i dont no how to use the emoticons properly lol. im not sad about ur drawing, im just sad bcos i dont think u sell them. just to clarify lol
good lord..
u dont sell these do u?..
sigh :(
yukisohma4life's avatar
You did a great job with his hair!
TarnishedAngels's avatar
Now HIM I could call Lord Greystoke...
ArtLover12439's avatar
That picture looks amazing, so 3-D and realistic, and attractive too.[link]
Illyaria's avatar
This Tarzan is amazing!
CosmicSparkles's avatar
I think I'm in love =>///<=!
JDLuvaSQEE's avatar
GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :faint:
FairyPeaseblossom's avatar
Can I marry this image?
MDTartist83's avatar
Awesome work. I always thought the Disney incarnation of Tarzaan was rather attractive looking. He's got a really cool hairstyle to go along with his face.
Shekster's avatar
Haha, I love how you made his hair into that 'dreadlock-y' style. Great job!
Artprincess247's avatar
Am i the only one, or does Adam and tarzan look very similar from eachother? Not that its your art style, but if you look at them, they do look rather similar, like brothers.

Anyway, i absaloutly love this picture, the pose fits perfectly with this style of the shadows.
alexpaok44's avatar
Not only is this very realistic, but also it shows Tarzan's character in a very clear way.

I love it. :smooch:
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