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Disney Heroes - Prince Phillip

:megaphone: - now if full HQ version


Prince Phillip ("Sleeping Beauty") - from my "Disney Heroes Photoshot" ;)

Sorry for taking so long to put on some new Disney Heroes... I'm all into the "Live Earth" events this week and it takes most of my time. Hey, it will combines 2 of my biggest passions - nature preserving and Madonna! Sure Madge will give the best performance of all as ever, but more then that I really hope that people will actually wake up and start realise we have only one earth to live in and it is time we'll start taking care of it!

Back to the drawing - This one took forever, again (for some reason my drawings are taking a lot of time to finish lately). When finished I decided to add the belt on his arm and it added a whole new feeling to this drawing, and to Phillip himself, and I liked it :P My "Disney Heroes" collection is inspired by Steven Klein and my dear friend pandashekki and his awesome pictures and his killer colour palettes :D

Pencil, Photoshop CS
"David Kawena" 2007
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:icondatassplz: :icondatassplz: :icondatassplz:

So beautiful... 
Great art! :3
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Damn, he's fine. Nice job at making him look the same as in the movie. Do you think you could do one of his front too? ;)
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Hes like, bitch i have a fiiine ass
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This is the exact expression I made when I saw this! I really thought my nose was going to bleed too O.o
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Yes these ladies will certainly see him once upon a dream.
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Get him with his quiff like hair! :heart:
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Prince Phillip is THE SEXIEST Disney Prince. Period. Yes
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This is maleficent:ICON - Punching Fist 

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love him so much<3
Gorgeous! My favorite prince... Love that pose... showing off the ass instead of the junk...
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Amazing. Very awesome. Cool. And Ali those things, because one comment doesn't cover how great these are.
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