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Disney Heroes - Prince Eric

Prince Eric - From Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
Another star to add to my Disney Heroes Collection [link] :boogie:

"The Little Mermaid" holds a special place in my heart as it is the movie that actually made me fall in love with the magic of Disney! It was the 2nd Disney movie I ever saw, the first one was "Fantasia" that back then I only loved for the dinosaurs part, and Mickey Mouse... When I first saw 'Mermaid' it was in my friend's house on VHS and I was hooked! The songs, the music, the animation - pure magic!

Strangely enough, I barely have any TLM drawings up in my gallery, and I actually think that this is the first Eric drawing I've done in like 4 years... it took me a little more time to complete this one, as I couldn't think of a pose fitting enough for him, and I tried like 5 different poses... Till I came up with this one, that I really liked. More relaxed then the rest of the heroes, a little shy, but not THAT shy ;P

As always, when it was done, I looked at it and thought, what can add to give this one a little something extra? That was when I thought of the mermaid (did anyone said Ariel?!) tattoo on his shoulder... Thought it'll fit a sailor type of prince...

Have a wonderful week everyone...
Hope you all like it :heart:
- David...

Photoshop CS2
Eric belongs to the Walt Disney Company.
"David Kawena" 2008
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Disappointing.... I loved your sexy pics, now they're all gone. Debating whether or not to keep them in my favorites. S: 
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What happened to the picture?
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it's pitch black. seem picture missing?
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I'll give the black screen a pass here, because I saw it (and the rest) on Facebook! Very hot!
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Just so you know even though I can't see it I have faved it out of principle ... but have seen in on fb! :heart:
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uhh... its pitch black
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Everyone... just check out his facebook page! It's there!…
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eh.... cant see anything...
eh..?? why is the picture all black now??
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But they're both on David's Facebook…
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As Alayni, the pic is all black… The same goes for the Flynn one…
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I can't see them both as well.. :((
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why is it all blacked out, i cant see it :(
wow!!!! this is so so so amazing!!! he is so hot, I cant even. Ariel is very lucky indeed~~
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Is he grabbing his junk?Perv 
I think Prince Eric is my second favorite just behind John Smith. Again I like the stance you gave him, manly and at ease--sailor like.
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wow manly Eric *O*
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Wowowowowowow. Boy got me swooning!
Prince Eric was always my favorite prince. Love this.
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Prince Eric is... to most people, the HOTTEST of all prince...
and I agree! :D
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Ahoy sailor!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha ;)
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he is one of my disney crushes :3
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