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Disney Heroes - Phoebus

By davidkawena
:megaphone: - now if full HQ version

Phoebus ("The Hunchback Of Notre Dame") - from my "Disney Heroes Photoshot" ;)

Another collection of drawings, will post the rest of them soon... I wanted this series of drawings to look like a real photoshot, with its colours and poses...

Dedicated to my dear friend :iconislandboy1: who loves Phoebus, and kinda gave me the idea to draw him...

Pencil, Photoshop CS
"David Kawena" 2007
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© 2007 - 2021 davidkawena
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verusorezekiel's avatar
I'm late to the party but the picture is all blacked out, did he have to censor it?
IridaP's avatar
One of the reasons why Esmeralda chose Phoebus...Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
RamenTori1's avatar
i really like it but  it kind of throws me off the hands undoing his pants thing. it might just be me but i never thought that was appealing. other then that i think you did an amazing job :) you keep the characters faces amazingly and i think thats what i like most. there is no doubt, this is totally Phoebus. great job :D :heart:
Yazmarohma42's avatar
It looks like Phoebus want to show his thing hehe...
ZinniaSnowdrop's avatar
Oh Phoebus! You make me weak ... Esmeralda had the right idea! :heart:
Sli-ka's avatar
People always made fun of me because I wanted to draw this kind of things...

Seeing your works makes me blush and cry for happiness at the same time: keep it up!

I'm glad not to be the only one wanting to see cool man wearing... almost nothing :heart: (sexy galls are overrated, bring sexy men in, Bitte!  XD)
cassannder's avatar
I've faved your entire gallery pretty much, but this one... I think I'm actually in love...
the1cutemetalchick's avatar
pfft get in the line friend hahahaha xD mm mm MMMM ive been in love with this guy since i was 4 :3 he is fiiiiiiine
cassannder's avatar
lol... when this film came out I was in university! You darn kids XD
the1cutemetalchick's avatar
hahahahaha xD lol sorry made you feel old? q: 
cassannder's avatar
not until that comment you just made...
0lostangel0's avatar
Really love the expression and the beautiful detail off the cross necklace! 
(and those muscles :D)
LenardSalceda's avatar
His abdomen looks a teensy bit flat^^
beachelf's avatar
carrie-lou's avatar
Wow! i suddenly have a impluse to go back and watch The Hunchback Of Notre Dame ;)
happyjob's avatar
i loved the hunchback of notre dame and i especially loved the animation of phoebus....i think it must have been the extra touch that made him so life like. this is a great picture..thank you for creating it :)
PhentasticPhenyl's avatar
I enjoy this picture. Aw. Yis.
ReddyArts's avatar
"The name's Phoebus. It means... sexy man." :XD:

Well done on these, very well done!
LenardSalceda's avatar
Phoebus means"Fear" in Latin......
Freed0's avatar
No, it's an other name for Apollo, god of light, music and poetry. You may confuse with "phobos" which is a greek word...
ReddyArts's avatar
Ehehe, yeah, I was just quoting a youtube video. ;D
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