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Disney Heroes - Hercules 2



Not what you expected right?! Well, I sure hope your not disappointed by this...

This is the newest addition to my Disney Heroes Collection…
For a long time now I've been having the idea of adding something different to the collection, while still maintaining the photoshoot feel I wanted to create in the first place.

Looking at professional models photoshoots, they always have body shots and facial/mug shots! I really liked the idea of drawing only the face of the heroes, as it gives me a chance to go dipper into their thoughts and soul then the torso shots...

I chose Hercules as the first one to be presented in a facia shot, as he was the first Disney Hero in the collection, and because he was the only one with his eyes closed! So I figured he will be the perfect guy to be the first to have the spot light on his face!!!

There will be more facial shots of the guys who are already in the collection very soon, but first there's going to be a new' torso shot' of a great 'new age' Disney Hero - not necessarily from the animated world!!!

No more hints! sorry ;P

Hope you'll like this new addition into the collection!

*** This drawing was based on a small photo I found on some magazine. There was no mentioning of the model or photographer ***

Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!
:hug: David

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Love, love, love it!
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OMG He's... he is... beautiful!
I am in absolute LOVE with this.
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This. Is. AMAZING!
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This might be my favorite of these. So amazing. :)
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fine. i'll be the first to say it.
i think you mean HUNK-ules. ;)
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We are the muses goddesses of the art and proclaimers of heroes ,
labacanitaz412's avatar
heroes like HERCULES. oh darling, i think you mean HUNK-ULES. ;)
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To add after that: Ooh, I'd like to make some SU-WEET music with him! :love:
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OUR STORY... actually begins, long before Hercules, many eons ago... :squee:
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:sing: Waaaooh!! Back when the world was new.
Planet Earth was down on it's luck.
And everywhere gigantic brutes called Titans
Ran amuck!!
PersonFromMemoryLane's avatar
There was a messss whereva ya stepped
Where chaos reigned and earthquakes and volcanoes NEVER SLEPPPTTTT
RomanceFreak's avatar
WHOO! Say it, girlfriend!
Then along came Zeus he HUUURLED his thunderbolt
He zapped
Locked those suckers in a vault
They're trapped!
And on his own stopped chaos in it's traaaacks!
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And that's the works first dish!
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Yeah baby!
Zeus tamed the globe while still in his youth.
Though honey it may seem impossible, that's the gospel truth!
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This is really awesome! Great Job! Do you think you could do Disney Heroines?

SO cool! :D Thanks!
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I adore this piece very beautiful, I adored this film as a child. I don't if its just me, but in a way he kind of looks like Elvis, I think it maybe the nose and eyes. :heart:
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his face and lips look amazing!
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I've just browsed your colletion, and they are incredible. I am incredibly jealous, and in awe of your talent. I love how the faces are still that little bit cartoony, but the bodies are so much more real.

I wonder, have you considered perhaps popular video game characters? I'm sure they would be kust as appreciated as these stunning males :)
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It looks fantastic!
Can I use it for a graphic on will credit you! :)
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