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Recently I got a request from a fanbased page to create a Xbox 720 concept design for them! in a few weeks you will be able to see my Xbox concept on: .. Besides that I'm getting paid for doing it, It will also give me larger recognition from the crowd. All in all it's a great opportunity for me and an inspiring and intresting project.     
I've just started off with the process, I have just made some moodboards to gather inspiration! Right now my strategy is to look back at the previous Xbox designs, I will identify in what direction the shapes are evolving to figure out what's the next logical step for the products design, I will then combine those conclusions with input from the final frontier of art and design.
Hopefully I will come up with something new and futuristic but that also feels real and have a proper Xbox sensation!
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hope you do a good job
i wish you luck!
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