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Recently my computer crashed, I did only loose files from the most recent projects though, including all material for a mobile game that I were going to get paid for. And ofcourse I have to reinstall all graphical programs. Unfortunately I'm limited to download only 30 GB each month, which I've almost past. So I have to wait a while until I can start making 3d again!
However, when I'm reinstalling everything anyways I will take the chanse to get all the latest 3d programs, I had a look at the new features of Maya 2014 and there was some features that were looking really nice. The new poly sculpting tool seems pretty decent, judging from the tech video it looks like you can create poly-meshes in an almost automated way. You just place some point's at the grid and the program will automaticly sculpt the mesh for you (based on the rules you set up), the points can also be placed on an existing mesh which make's it fast and easy to retopologise  a mesh.
I did also take a look at Zbrush 4.5, which isn't extremly new now. However the fibers tool were looking really good. I imagine to generate fibers that I can manipulate with brushes in Zbrush and then export to maya! I have always been looking for a decent tool for making hair and fur!

I'm really excited to start making 3d and use these new tools! I imagine being able to create really cool characters in a fast and entertaining way! The things I have felt being time consuming, or ending up in bad results are now supported by those new features.
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as much as keeping up with new tools is important, id highly recommend keeping a hard copy of your current software so u dnt have to download them again... usb drives are pretty cheap these days too ;)
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Yes it is. One easily get stuck to the same old tools, it's important to check for new things and techniques to keep updated..

I were just about to say that I thought I had backup for my downloaded files, because I'm moving almost everything to other hard drives. Then I took a closer look and found my Maya installation file ;) .. But I'm still going to download Maya 2014 when I have the chance!