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A frog involved in some kind of vodoo ritual.
Made with ink on ark - painted in photoshop.
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really really wild
- i automatically award +10 due to voodoo reference, but it's visually stunning, what was the process on this man?
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thanks :).. actually its quite simple! marker on paper, scanned into the computer, in photoshop: I used cutout and threashhold to make the lines more clean, and magic wand on lines to get a selection and put the black marker lines in a new layer. I used my wacom to paint beneath the marker lines.. and I used the gradient to color the marker lines sepretly to get this cool effect :)
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Fantastic. Do you enjoy colouring? I have some outlines i'd love for someone to try and colour, but i am still learning and at present very bad at the process...
Hows it going David? Whats been happening?
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Well,, I dont use to work on other peoples art,, but it would be fun to try :) If you want to send the pictures to me, my email is david_ha89@hotmail.com

I cant promise anyting,, but I can make a try :)
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Oh nice one!
I love collaborating but have never tried it over the internet, it's a good place to start i reckon.
If you don't "feel/like" the lines i send you just let me know and i'll try something more suitable
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maybe a bit irrelvant to reply with this to this coment.. however,, Nice to see that there are many new members that have joined to Graphedelic, ~Metatron032 have some really cool stuff!
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Yes! David, you seem like a very active person, would you consider becoming a G.M. Admin?
I'm not sure if it's time for that yet, but u seem to understand where it's coming from....and have really nice ideas...and art of course.
I love the colouring you've done of my cans! totally different to how i would've done it which is why i like them even more!
How long did each take you to do? You have amazing knowledge of shade and light and i love how you interpreted cyclops lady as having an eyeball in her mouth and given her an african look! fantastic...

And yes, will definately upload them, i think maybe instead of favouriting them as with most work on the site, we should put them in the featured gallery and explain what happend...

Also i'm thinkin about revising the manifesto a bit...mostly shortening and clarifying, luckily i've got some frends who can write better english than me and are suggesting stuff as i type.

Hi res of my tag? U mean like Signature? Or graffiti tag? Like an outline or just the marker pen version? I'll see what i can do, it might have to wait a few days until i'm near a scanner...but check your email later...i'll see what i can do.

BTW...when u submit a deviation don't u have the option to "SUBMIT TO FEATURED ON GRAPHEDELIC MOVEMENT"??? perhaps u need to be admin. Let me know ok!

PS - lol about the e-mail thing...Let me know buddy
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hmm,, thanks for the inquiry, but for now I have to decline to become an admin.. Im a bit to busy, I have some large projects in school and thinngs. maybe later,, I have to think about it..

The pictures,, I think I spent 2-3 hours for each picture.. ye, it was hard to find out what this thing in her mouth really was, but an eye in the mouth makes it even more psychedelic anyway. and the african look gave an exotic feeling.

I mean if its ok if I also upload them on my devianart and tell that both are involved in creating them?

just the tag/signature you want to be shown in the paintings.

No, I couldent find that options,, seems like its only admins that can do it.

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Hey David

No problem. I mean to be honest i have barely enough time myself. BUt have a think about it. I just think the group would have more chance of growing with more admins adding people and pictures.

Anyhow i thank you again for colouring my pics...In fact you've impressed so much i'd like to request you to try a colour job for a tattoo i'm working on (my lattest submission) also i'm e-mailing it to you...If you find the time to colour it i'd be really happy. I'm getting this on my ribs...problem being i'm not very good at colouring at all...lemme know if you can help me!

And yes upload the images i'm sending you a copy of my signature again, choose whichever you like the most.

Also thanks so much for sending my instructions...unfortunately i'm just not that big a fan of creating images on PC...or at least keeping sketching and digital art seperate.

How you keeping?
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snyggt! tufft med grodor=)
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Awww, sweet! That design is awesome. :+fav:
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