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Erevos - Salt Desert


One of the equatorial salt flats of Erevos, formed by the evaporation of an ancient lake due to the climate change caused by the tidal locking of the planet. The surface is covered by minerals, accumulated over thousands of years, precipitated from the salt ions that used to be dissolved in the water. The area has a relatively stable average temperature with a peak at 41 °C and a low of 33 °C.

Meteor impacts have created scattered ponds of resurfaced underground water which are thriving with algae that gives them a distinct red tint. While giant cone-shaped fungus clusters are sprouting around them creating small ecosystems in this otherwise vast, lifeless landmass.

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You've really thought this through, I like this piece a lot
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Same first comment I love it 👏👏👏
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This is beautiful.  I really love the color of the lakes, and the mushrooms are pretty interesting as well.