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The Cinema Snob Movie Poster (First Version)

Oil on canvas Additions in Photoshop

For anybody interested, the original painting (24 x 36 inches) is for sale. Serious inquiries only please.

(After printing a few half sized prints I realized things weren't quite how I wanted them. So I reworked some stuff)
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I just got done seeing this movie on YouTube. It was awesome!
Tadashi--kun's avatar
Epic Artwork! Can't wait for the movie.
I always enjoy the Cinema Snob episodes.
GeneratorI's avatar
It looks cool. I can't wait to see actual film.
tigaer's avatar
Long time snob fan here. This painting looks really cool. Nice iconic pose. Lighting works good too. Good job sir. :)
Blizzilla's avatar
Holy crap, amazing job!
Amazing! Gorgeous! Beautiful! I can't say enough good things about it!
superfly72's avatar
Fucking amazing! Best poster yet!
iLikeCoolStuffz's avatar
between you and Brad, who got the biggest cojones? Be honest.
DruidCityComic's avatar
Ha, fantastic. Good to see the Snob portrayed like I would imagine him being portrayed, in contrast to being constantly drawn as a cartoon. I've been working on a Midnight Heat fan made one sheet in my spare time. Did you ever complete a poster for that movie?
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In terms of serious inquiry. How large are the dimensions on the actual canvas?
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Three feet by two feet. It's fairly large.
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24 x 36 inches, very nice.
Should be easy to frame it too if you wanted.
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I'm surprised Brad doesn't hang it over his mantle piece... then again where would he put his Caligula action figures.
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man this is awesome.
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Fantastic work. I'd love that hanging on my wall, silently judging every time I watch something not directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
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Damn David, that's amazing. To bad I couldn't find the time to do a real painting for mine.
DavidGobble's avatar
Thanks Shaun. I'm honestly amazed I got it done in time.
ShaunTM's avatar
I will unveil mine soon enough, just need to do some corrections.
DavidGobble's avatar
I can't wait sir!
ShaunTM's avatar
Here it is good sir: [link]
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You know that episode where Kramer gets a painting. That's what this feels like.

And it's AWESOME.
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This movie is going to kick legendary amounts of ass! And this poster is figgin' awsome.
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Wow! All of the love for this masterpiece!
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