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Kim Possible - The Bloody Cartoon Tournament

By DavidGalopim
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(updated - some errors corrected)
Hello guys, I'm doing a tournament, called "The Bloody Cartoon Tournament" where my favorite cartoon/anime characters confront each other. The fourth fighter is Kim Possible, but others will follow.

But for now ... 
Kim and Rufus are facing Doug and Porkchop!


Kim Possible is like any other teenage girl, she has her favorite subjects in school, likes to go shopping, go out with her ​​boyfriend ... and saves the world whenever you call. For her constant missions, Kim is always late to appointments, only this time Ron was not there to hug her. In the place where they had agreed to meet, was just a note saying that if she wanted to see Ron again, she would enter the Bloody Cartoon Tournament, if she refuses Ron would end up dead. Kim enters in the tournament without hesitation and without knowing who is the person is behind the blackmail. She would never enter the tournament in another way, but why they want her there? Who's behind this?

Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

Created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle
2002 - 2007

Who will be the next fighter??
                         ---- stay tuned ---

Who will win?...Who will die?

Bob Schooley (one of the creators) twitted my drawing: twitter.com/Rschooley/status/4…

You can also follow the sketches and updates here: www.facebook.com/DavidGalopimD…
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Kim Possible meets Last Of Us?

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I would love to see a reboot in this style.
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she could team up with XJ9 and my redesign of Fairy Leviathan to rescue Ron. Kim would get Biometal out of it, and Rufus could meet a Pachirisu. BTW, could i write the story? i do good work and my prices are reasonable. note me for pricing info and the go/no go.
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I love the slightly gritty, realistic feel of it. It still feels very "Kim Possible"; confident and light, but the added wounds and dirt feel very "saving the world".
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I love your work here.
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Kim Possible in real that´s great, excellent Work.
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omg this is amazing ...
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Awesome dark & edgy version of Kim!
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Thats pretty awesome
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Absolutely gorgeous!  I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate this portrayal of Kimmie.  Of course if you were to do Shego in the same manner, it would be a perfect mate to this pic.

Thanks for sharing your talent.

Also, Kimmie and Rufus will win, Ron will be rescued and our favorite Disney duo will have another adventure next week!
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I love this rendition of Kimmy so much. It's wonderful! I'd love to see your take on a realistic battle between her and She-go. 
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Thank you Hanji ^^
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Kidnapping Ron probably wasn't the best strategy. He's a master of mystical monkey-fu and is a fourth of the reason Kim is so successful (the other fourths being Kim herself, Wade and Rufus). 
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I think you were the first person to comment the story of the drawing in all of these comments :p
True..but you don't know the circunstancies of the kidnap, and you know that Ron is very easy to get unguarded 
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I'm not saying it's impossible to kidnap Ron, I'm saying it probably wasn't the best move. He's ruined many a villains' plans because they decided to kidnap him.
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Rufus is out for blood.
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Indeed...poor Porkchop...better watch out
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