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February 12, 2012
Kuchisake-onna, gorgeously dynamic illustration by ~DavidGaillet. The incredible lighting really gives the character a tangible weight and volume.

Suggested by ~FallowpenStock, *Starlitdragon, and `Astralseed
Featured by alicexz
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Digital painting with photoshop
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Hello! Sorry to bother you, I'm making a video about legends for my YouTube channel, and in it I talk about Kuchisake onna, ​​I wanted to know if you wouldn't mind if I used your image in the video? of course I would leave you corresponding credits. Thank you for reading

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She was gonna be in the third episode of Ghost Stories. But that got cut, and replaced with Raise The Curtains. Are there any animes that features Kuchisake-Onna?

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Fantastic detail, good job.
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Fuhuhu~ that's scary...! I know that japanese urban legend x'DD when I read the title it popped up in my head
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This is one of the most Beautiful pieces I've seen in a Long time...  Amazing!!!
Maybe if you get a chance you can take a look at my work, and give me your opinion, Like should I even keep going, jk, Kinda...  I've been drawing since I can remember and I'm at one of those points I hear a lot of artist go through, down on their work and thinking about stoping, It Hasn't been easy eithier since my Wife passed away, I have no friends that are artists, but I had her who was really in to my work, and really believed in me, now nobody I know could care less... Unless they want a free piece of work!
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Terrifying in its own way. Beautiful.
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That's beautiful artistry! :heart:
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This was always my fav urban legend and i like the movies.
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Oh kuchisake onna. I became obsessed with Japanese urban legends several summers ago. And have been in love with them ever since although I think I've gone through most of the more famous ones. I basically know the major ones by heart. So I have a pretty good chance of surviving an encounter with her. But for people who don't know here's how to survive. She usually attacks you by asking you am I pretty. if you say yes she'll remove her surgical mask and slice your face like hers. If you say no she'll straight up kill you. if you say am i pretty she'll stop to think about it and you can runaway. You can also say I have prior engagements to get to and she will politely excuse herself.
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Wonderful artwork ! :heart:
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Wow, the cloth visual is so unreal. Breathtaking piece :nod:
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creepy and awesome
Amazing. All the details, colors and shadows. Her face, her hands. Just perfect.
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Creepy legend that apparently became real in the 70s.

This is uttery beautiful, it's so dynamic and feels so real. The lighting really adds dimension to her while the blade and the dress really pays homage to the origins of the story. Fantastic work mate, keep it up.

I love this version of Kuchisake-Onna, this has helped inspire my halloween costume for this year :D

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Interesting:  the water is perfectly still, just a hint of ripple...  Yet the character is all wavy and windy.  creates a nice other-world-ey feel...  Excellent.
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I'm just glad there are escape routes from her! I feel so bad for the spirit that had to become this way...
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"Let's put a smile on that face"
Very Cool Picture
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