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The Eclipse 1

UPDATE!! 3/12/10

So I've finally finished coloring the entirety of issue #1 of The Eclipse!

It will be for sale via for all of you who would like to read it :D.

Since the previous version of the first twelve pages were in black and white, I've decided to upload the colored versions to give you all a little taste of what the full 24 page version would be like :D.

The FULL comic is available for purchase at this [link] via's online store!

Enjoy :D

Cover done by Nicole "Nik" Virella, aka ~SupeRsquiTo-PouF

Next page: [link]
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There is a problem with the site apparently 
theprinceasher's avatar
i cant wait to read
Carlzors's avatar
Read this whole thing and it's awesome! If I get the money to buy it I'll help you out :D
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
holy Christmas biscuits! That... is... awsome.
Lunaira-Avalon's avatar
Ma-et's avatar
WOW i just read it and i can honestly say it would be part of my stack monthly if it was mainstream its really really well done bravo *claps*
Obi-quiet's avatar
You know...that looks incredible..
NikVirella's avatar
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lol did I ever tell you I drew this standing up in my room. Don't ask me why...
TheSpazOutLoud's avatar
That's an awesome cover dude!
DarthRalek's avatar
The series you've made is beyond excellent. Hope you finish the rest soon.
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Just stumbled across this, and I am very impressed! Not only is your art wonderful, I can sense a well thought out story getting ready to unfold. I will eagerly await the next installment :)
Titanqueen's avatar
wow! thats great! god i'm speechless! i can't wait till you make more!
Sephirosu-nechan's avatar
sweet work dude.. ive seen all the pages.. its a nice concept.. i wish you the best with this project!
witec's avatar
Oh wow. This is SO many different kinds of awesome!

VERY much looking forward to seeing what you've got in the next 12 pages.
hawkeye's avatar
Awesome! It has a little hint minolga in there. I like it very much.
Fayrin's avatar
It's sooooo goood *squees like a high school girl*
angelfox-700's avatar
I have read all the pages that you have posted so far and I love them all. I will be eagerly awaiting the next pages!! ^_^
Ellucianne's avatar
Holy sheep, that's friggin awesome. O_o I'm in love with his design. =D Awesome skiiillz...
Superbabe-TeenTitanz's avatar
I love how you used shadows to morph the two halves together-it look seamless, like it just flows naturally from one side to the other.
hults2's avatar
Very dramatic and interesting cover style... I've seen the half&half cover before, and the dramatically lit monochrome, but I don't think I've ever seen the two combined before.

Am curious and looking forward to more :)
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