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Captain America Revamped
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Published: August 23, 2007
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I was conversing with my buddy ~Lewis-Paul, and as he was looking at my "Teen Titans Revamped" series, he asked if I was going to do the same for my favorite MARVEL characters, and I thought "Hey, why not?"

Since I already unknowingly started revamping my favorite characters, starting with Spider-Man: [link] , I decided to take it one step further and start doing the good ol' AVENGERS.

This is the first in the series, Captain America.

Now Captain America is defenitely a Marvel Classic, as well as a Legend in himself, so I couldnt in good conscience alter is outfit TOO much.

Since I liked his look already, I just decided to take elements from the mainstream Captain America, and splice his costume with that of ULTIMATE Captain America, and voi la! I got his costume.

Anyway, Im redesigning all their costumes because Ive created my own little Universe for them, and they'll all be "guess-starring", so to speak, in each others lives (lol). Ill be doing the main players in the Avengers, as well as some of the X-Men. The Fantastic Four, maybe not so much.

Enjoy ^^
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Comments (84)
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Solid redesign.
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jebnye3pro's avatar
Nice redesign of the uniform.
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JY55's avatar
Amazing work!
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crash1973|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool teen cap
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NewPhyrexia's avatar
The shield is WAY too small. That's my only beef with it.
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SupremeCommander85's avatar
It's good but I'm not a big fan of having the wings on his head being part of his costume. I would rather have them "printed" flat on his costume but not necessarily being part of his costume. Also, I think that there should be an A on his head.
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LayzeeBoi|Hobbyist General Artist
I feel like the shield's too small. But other than that, great work!
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Zalmon's avatar
Zalmon|Student Writer
I like his costume, but his shield is too small.
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DavidFernandezArt's avatar
DavidFernandezArt|Professional Artist
Yeah, I realized that after I finished it :(
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Dbzcrazyfan|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, thats amazing. May I ask what you used to make to create this, other than your amazing talents! I'm curious.... Im barely 14 and I love the way the colors came out! What brand or type of colors/markers did you use because I wanted to see If i could get some myself! Did you use a special kind of paper? I am truely astonished by the great detail and the perfect color theme that you used!
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Pakrat54's avatar
i love this, the original captain is always my favorite but i love seeing what other people make of him
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Sombraluz-Images's avatar
Sombraluz-Images|Professional General Artist
This looks amazing! :wow: I love your take on his costume. :clap:
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Superman12849|Student General Artist
This piece has been featured in a collection of Captain America pieces here [link]
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kendrick1533's avatar
This should defintely be used in the new Captain America movie.
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DestinyDecade|Hobbyist General Artist
Captain America would be proud to see this....

Avengers Assemble!
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DopeMonkie|Hobbyist General Artist
best costume of Cap.. n i thought da Ultimate was goodbut dis is awesome man
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jirehpv's avatar
jirehpv|Student Digital Artist
nicely done
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KreepingSpawn|Professional Digital Artist
excellent! i really like this; nice clean lines, good proportions, bold color. slick detaling on the costume.

my only crit is that his salute looks... too casual. i think because he is not standing at attention to deliver it. that's a personal nitpick, feel free to disregard! ;)
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laviathan05's avatar
cap.........ultimate alliance 2 character im using its gonna be freakin insane
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marvelun1verse's avatar
nice dude n make the shield bigger its hard to avoid bullets with a plate in your hand.lol, seriously its awesome
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shadowdude7's avatar
I wonder if he has a trademark punch...
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Cecilia-Of-Sweden's avatar
Cecilia-Of-Sweden|Hobbyist General Artist
This picture is really good. I like the shield and I want to ask you if I can borrow the lineart for that shield. I am going to make a post-appocalyptic, more beat up version of the cap's shield and since I can not do something smoothround like that on photoshop, I wonder if I can borrow it? Ofcorse I will credit you in the description.
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Dune-Cat|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Perfect melding of the two costumes, good mix :thumbsup:

Cap is mah fave evah! =D
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LeoKingdomMaster's avatar
Sorry it took me so long to comment, but here it is. I love the over all design, but he just looks to thin, like I could break him like a twig. A little more bulk would look good.
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