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Outcast Odyssey Boss by David De Leon Luis entry 3

I named it  Olrock ------  This is my 3rd entry, I did another one of this character, check it out.. .... 

I think that it could be like a Final boss.  What do you think?…
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What a magnificent monster man! : O
Raydhen's avatar
Out of every monsters you'd drawn, I found it the most terrifying.
Which means you have successfully made a precise final boss :)
MetaShinryu's avatar
Thats really freaking cool, how did i miss this among contest entries? :o
Art-Eli's avatar
what a beautiful design! amazing work, good luck with the contest ^_^
Daviddleonluis's avatar
jeje Gratitude Eli ^^.
BelasFantasy's avatar
Yes, this is great work, yes this can be some type of boss, but remind me 1000% on Diablo 3 final boss at end.

Still nice organic form, meybe litlle more details in eyes- don't know what this creature thinks- he need to fear from eyes same like with teath, or be more mad, or just flash like fire...
Daviddleonluis's avatar
Thank you so much, I'm glad it remind you to a Diablo, because it's amazing character.

I'm doing another one of this character don't miss it.
MGRESA's avatar
Daviddleonluis's avatar
^^ gracias my friend!
Jacob-Cross's avatar
Oh wow, cool 0w0
Daviddleonluis's avatar
hehehe  Thank you Jacob :P
Jacob-Cross's avatar
Your very welcome :)
RgDraw's avatar
amazing work ! *^*
maybe you could try a different kind of lighting, to make it more dramatic and frightening, maybe with a darker background and strong light above him. that's just an idea but i can totally see it that way
Daviddleonluis's avatar
Yeah!!! that's it!  I'm doing it with the light of the background as Wei Wang drawings :P,  Thank you my brother, i really like that kind of comments
RgDraw's avatar
you're welcome, glad i can help a little. I don't know Wei Wang's work but I'm gonna take a look at it ! :3
Daviddleonluis's avatar
I'm sure you know him,  Principal illustrator from Blizzard :P
RgDraw's avatar
ah probably then ! i might have seen his work without knowing it's his x)
RgDraw's avatar
skillzZ69's avatar
somehow this one reminds me on diablo =D
Daviddleonluis's avatar
hahaha ohhh love diablo :P!
skillzZ69's avatar
as I can see. but really great artwork there. 
think it don't make sense now to upload my entries, compared to yours... =D
FelidaeCat's avatar
I like the design of him and the colors. He will looks nice with wings or something like that.
Daviddleonluis's avatar
ummm it could be interesting, but i was thinking in something with bones
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