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Serenity Card Set

By DavidDeb
a display of the 9 sketch cards I did for the Firefly/Serenity collection of a client
thanks Elin for your help:P
a bigger piece will also be done later on


Firefly Crew (individual deviation):
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All of these are amazing!
PaintBallFight's avatar
River looks so epic
lucius-phoenix's avatar
This is amazing. 
PCamenzind's avatar
Incredible work!
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
Wow -beautiful job on these, just excellent!!:)
CommanderKip's avatar
Ooh, I like seeing these all in one place. You just nailed every one of them!
RavenofWar92's avatar
These are brilliant! Really nice work.
Keldain's avatar
Great portraits of the Serenity crew! :)
aly-uchiha913's avatar
Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I love every single one :D

Peace Out! ^_^
ZenInGeneral's avatar
This is too cool! You must be cheating somehow...
spacedog2011's avatar
These portraits inspire me to use similar uses of color in my portraits. Thanks and a beautiful job.
CYewNextTues's avatar
I LOVE THIS SO EFFING MUCH!!! Firefly has been my favorite since I was half-forced to watch it. (sad I know)
So happy right now.
B-Boss101's avatar
these are stunning
irlandfae's avatar
Love it! I miss this show so much.
These are beyond awesome!!! Im a huge Firefly/Serenity fan and these are by far the best sketches that Ive seen!!
axalendra's avatar
Kayley looks so happy and Kayley! They all look great^^
SARS-08's avatar
I love it! They all look fantastic.:D
bluebelle-88's avatar
Awesome crew. Amazing pieces, you have captured all of them
SW-Ave's avatar
oh wow...ummmm...just lost for words.

Thats an amazing set. Very jealous of your client, I'm sure they will very pleased. Their personalities really shine in the works.
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