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haxOS Conky

This is an update with some more tweeks and additions that i really hope you will enjoy them :D 

Ah and.... DISCLAIMER!!!! Before any kind of flame comment starts... that Glider inside the skull *DOES NOT* absolutely mean that i am a hacker and by any means a "skiddie" . The glider is only a respectful symbol towards the real hackers and... everytime it happens to see it it gives me motivation to code better. THAT'S IT

All the files goes in /home/$USER/ except "calnote, calnote_clear, shitstodo" that go in /usr/bin/


1. Calendar with kind of agenda support; Meaning that let's say you want to remember a day and you want to highlight it in the calendar -> use <calnote "##"> to add the date to agenda and <calnote_clear> to clean it.

2. Gmail mail checker with: New mail counter, «From» and «Subject» fields 

3. widget. For this one you will need to pip or easy_install "speedtest_cli" (python module) 

4. The wallpaper... Much coder ...WOW XD 

My curent conky desktop configuration. I keep my desktop taskbarless since i work on a laptop, therefor this conky gives me all the info i need directly on desktop (and since i have 8 desktops, viewing them is just matter of  "M+[1-8]" where M=Meta Key (Windows Key) and [1-8] = numbers from 1 to 8.
The setup is inspired by the Ubisoft videogame Watch Dogs so YES it is intended to be lame as hell... i only change the color schemes (from white-cyan to crimson-cyan).

Xorg and Openbox FTW :D 

Inside you will find:
1. multiple .conky_[weather, mpd, rss, tcp, stod, clock]
2. a directory with the weather icons
3. Wallpaper and a "Sky.png" image *NEEDED* for the weather widget
4. script for the weather widget
5. a "shitstodo" bash script and ".shitstodo" text file

The installation is simple as you only need to unpack the zip in your home and run "conky -c {...}&"  for every .conky config file that fits your needs. (I already took care of the paths so you do not need to change anything, all the conky configs have "/home/$USER/" paths for 100% portability : ) )
Copy the "shitstodo" script into /usr/bin/ and just to be sure issue a [#: chmod 755 /usr/bin/shitstodo]. 
The usage is quite simple: open terminal and issue [$: shitstodo "Your Shits to do here"]

For the weather widget, enter inside and search for "XXX####" line and change it with the zip code provided by : )

I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THE .conkyrc and .conky_clock FILES. I just modified them for my needs.
Credit for Resource-Tree conky goes to:
As for the clock...i only remeber is "Cowon Clock"

And last but not least... ENJOY : ) 
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Do you know where can I find a script that automatically installs a cool looking conky environment? I don't know how to install this conky. I've put everythin in the $HOME directory and "calnote, calnote_clear, shitstodo" in $HOME/.bin, then I've done:
conky -c .conky_cal .conky_clock .conky_gmail .conky_rss .conky_speed .conky_stod .conky_tor .conky_weather &
It says:
conky: Syntax error (.conky_cal:2: '=' expected near 'no') while reading config file.
conky: Assuming it's in old syntax and attempting conversion.
conky: Invalid value 'no' for setting 'use_spacer'. Valid values are: 'none', 'left', 'right'.
conky: desktop window (1000023) is subwindow of root window (d4)
conky: window type - normal
conky: drawing to created window (0x2e00001)
conky: drawing to double buffer

I'm using Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon. Could you help me get the same environment as in the picture?
how do i remove an entry from shitstodo??
You have to edit the .shitstodo file. There is no argument for the shitstodo command to remove an element. Although it could be more useful to have the taskwarrior app visible.
my weathet not wor
my weathet not work :(
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Yeah, this is cool. Might have to try it out.
Nevermind, all on me, the files are there, they are just hidden.
Hello there,
I love this conky and would like to config. it on my slackware but when i download the zip archive, i just have the followind file inside it:

Where are the other files ? Thanks
They are hidden files, if you are using linux ctrl h shows the dotfiles.
Ciao ho visto che sei italiano quindi ti scrivo in italiano... non ho ben capito il funzionamento per iinstallare il tutto avresti due minuti di tempo per fare un video o qualcosa di poco piu descrittivo per capire meglio?? Oppure potremmo sentirci in privato non so, come ti rimane più comodo a te!! Grazie
Brother superb work seriously. I am aparantely new to this conky thing but I am loving this. I know this thread is old but i need this conky and i need help. The hexos panel on right works fine just a bit of alignment missing and others are not really working well. I didn't get much of your instructions so can you please make me understand how to configure this in a bit simple way. I am attaching my screenshot this is how it looks on my desktop.
Someone please help!!

have you got your issue solved? i might have the same alignment issue here as well. appreciate any suggetsion

Screenshot from 2020-06-23 22-50-30
i'm sorry, but on my system only one .conky_* works at a time ... and .conkyrc complains about "no such file or directory for /home/$USER"
hah ... never mind ... ^.^"
That is amazing man! Your work is much appreciated Clap 
thank you mate and...there's more i upgraded it in time but didn't uploaded it here yet, if you want a screenshot just let me know :D 
Yeah cool, would love to see!
ok this is bad ass, although i followed the instructions but only the right side conky comes up and nothing else, any tips to get it up and running ?  im using arch in openbox if that makes a difference
Hey! And thanks for the feedback :) 

My first guess is that depending on what terminal you are using, the "&" might differ. Try "conky -c .conky_clock &" instead of "conky -c conky_clock&" 
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really thank you :)
At first i hardly doubted someone would actualy like my work ^^
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:D I like the sci fi movie style of yur desktop
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