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haxOS Conky

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This is an update with some more tweeks and additions that i really hope you will enjoy them :D 

Ah and.... DISCLAIMER!!!! Before any kind of flame comment starts... that Glider inside the skull *DOES NOT* absolutely mean that i am a hacker and by any means a "skiddie" . The glider is only a respectful symbol towards the real hackers and... everytime it happens to see it it gives me motivation to code better. THAT'S IT

All the files goes in /home/$USER/ except "calnote, calnote_clear, shitstodo" that go in /usr/bin/


1. Calendar with kind of agenda support; Meaning that let's say you want to remember a day and you want to highlight it in the calendar -> use <calnote "##"> to add the date to agenda and <calnote_clear> to clean it.

2. Gmail mail checker with: New mail counter, «From» and «Subject» fields 

3. Speedtest.net widget. For this one you will need to pip or easy_install "speedtest_cli" (python module) 

4. The wallpaper... Much skiddo...so coder ...WOW XD 

My curent conky desktop configuration. I keep my desktop taskbarless since i work on a laptop, therefor this conky gives me all the info i need directly on desktop (and since i have 8 desktops, viewing them is just matter of  "M+[1-8]" where M=Meta Key (Windows Key) and [1-8] = numbers from 1 to 8.
The setup is inspired by the Ubisoft videogame Watch Dogs so YES it is intended to be lame as hell... i only change the color schemes (from white-cyan to crimson-cyan).

Xorg and Openbox FTW :D 

Inside you will find:
1. multiple .conky_[weather, mpd, rss, tcp, stod, clock]
2. a directory with the weather icons
3. Wallpaper and a "Sky.png" image *NEEDED* for the weather widget
4. pyweather.py script for the weather widget
5. a "shitstodo" bash script and ".shitstodo" text file

The installation is simple as you only need to unpack the zip in your home and run "conky -c {...}&"  for every .conky config file that fits your needs. (I already took care of the paths so you do not need to change anything, all the conky configs have "/home/$USER/" paths for 100% portability : ) )
Copy the "shitstodo" script into /usr/bin/ and just to be sure issue a [#: chmod 755 /usr/bin/shitstodo]. 
The usage is quite simple: open terminal and issue [$: shitstodo "Your Shits to do here"]

For the weather widget, enter inside pyweather.py and search for "XXX####" line and change it with the zip code provided by weather.com : )

I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THE .conkyrc and .conky_clock FILES. I just modified them for my needs.
Credit for Resource-Tree conky goes to: 0x6c756b65.deviantart.com/art/slacker-conky-config-207760045
As for the clock...i only remeber is "Cowon Clock"

And last but not least... ENJOY : ) 
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