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Five Stages of Tetsuko's Life
It seems now that I can divide Tetsuko's life so far into five distinct stages (red-bulleted items have been, or will be, chronicled in the series):
:bulletgreen: Her childhood in Japan: attending Japanese schools, occasionally running afoul of the local customs (always challenging the boys to foot races or feats of strength, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Her move to America after the death of her parents (age fifteen or so); living with her Aunt Margaret, adjusting to American high schools; graduation from high school and freshman year in college; meeting, working for and befriending Dr. Sonya Gannon who shares her interest in Japanese pop culture
:bulletred: The aftermath of The Injection: Tetsuko's transformation into the super-buff, super-busty, superhumanly strong blonde Amazon we know and love; her first steps into a career as a heroine
:bulletred: The Odyssey: Tetsuko and Sonya kidnapped into an ancient time and land of barbaric splendor, fantastic creatures and beings, and almost constan
:icondavidcmatthews:DavidCMatthews 30 14
The latest and greatest! Well, the latest, anyway...

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GIF Animations

Gift Art from Jebriodo

Check out this GREAT picture of Tetsuko done by Jebriodo!

Tetsuko by Jebriodo


I got tagged by WhisakedJak for the "8 Facts" meme.

The rules are:

1. Post all rules
2. Write 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 people
4. Write the name of the character with its owner.

The subject: Tetsuko Breckenridge. I'll try to cover facts that haven't been established or revealed in either the comics or the 30-day OC Challenge:

1. Tetsuko loves to sing, but isn't very good at it. While her speaking voice is very pleasant, her singing tends to be somewhat off-key, and she doesn't have much range.

2. She does not play any musical instruments. She'd love to learn, although (like me) she can't settle on which one to take up. And her lack of spare time mitigates against her being able to learn and master an instrument to the level she wants.

3. She loves to dance, and actually has an instinctive talent for it. She studied belly-dancing in her late-teens to about the time she entered college, becoming good enough to entertain friends at parties and the like, though maybe not quite good enough to be professional level; and once again, time pressures have caused her to forego formal training in belly-dance (although she still practices what she's learned).

4. She cannot get drunk; her hyper-active metabolism processes alcohol so quickly it has little time to affect her brain. She can "drink you under the table" and experience nothing more than a mild buzz. So she doesn't really indulge in alcoholic beverages very often, because she can't feel the effects most people drink to experience, and she particularly can't stand the taste of beer.

5. Although she's invulnerable to almost all injury, she can still feel pain; she and Sonya estimate she feels about half the pain a "normal" human would feel when struck. So when she's being shot, and the bullets are bouncing off her invulnerable body, she won't be saying "Tee hee, that tickles!", but more likely "OWW! That smarts!" and it'll piss her off (to the detriment of whoever's shooting at her!). Over time, she's learned to anticipate the pain, and control her reactions to it so that it won't be obvious (most of the time) that she's feeling pain, but it's still there. This is why, when she needs to punch through a door or a wall, she'll prefer to use some sort of object as a "battering ram" driven by her superhuman strength rather than her fists (because it HURTS when she punches through a wall!)

6. Although (or maybe because) she was raised in Japan, she much prefers American food to Japanese. The 30-day challenge has already noted her favorite food is the Monte Cristo sandwich; she's also fond of pizza and bacon cheeseburgers.

7. Speaking of food: something I haven't been able to establish in the comics to my satisfaction is the fact that her aforementioned high metabolism means she's almost always feeling at least mildly hungry, and is almost always eating something. Between meals (six a day, most times) she tries to keep her snacks healthy, but if there's nothing like that available, then potato chips and ice cream are definitely in danger...

8. Sometimes she feels somewhat guilty over not having "earned" her incredible strength and stunning physique through the hard work that "normal" bodybuilders and strength athletes must put in to achieve their results; so she has great admiration for those women (and men) who've achieved their goals through hard training and dedication.

I'm tagging:

JimmyDimples The Spirit Corsair
pumpmonger1 (his choice: Nathifa or Jade)
Jebriodo Fisticuff
sudo5348 Ultrawoman H
SimonLMoore Lucy "Indra" Gilchrist
BlackKusanagi Aurora
Tigersan Michelle B
CGMan Amy


I got tagged by WhisakedJak for the "8 Facts" meme that's apparently circulating around DeviantArt.

So in a few days (I hope) I'll post eight facts about... well, take a guess...
Based on the date on this drawing...
Tetsuko - First Sketches by DavidCMatthews
...I'm declaring February 26 is Tetsuko's birthday. (It also means that on that date I'll have been drawing Tet-chan for 30 (!!!) years!)
I've set up an account at newTumbl, an alternative to Tumblr that started Dec. 9 in reaction to the fact that Tumblr has become very bluenose in its treatment of "adult content" (no longer allowed on Tumblr).

Posting hasn't been enabled yet, since the site is still under development; but once I can start posting there I'll let you know.

If you're a Tumblr user who's been negatively affected by their censorship of NSFW art, you might want to consider newTumbl as a substitute.
...and here's the drawing I mentioned in the previous status:

Mature Content

What is Best in Life by pumpmonger1
My last drawing of 2018 (which I finished just this afternoon) will be posted tomorrow... but not by me. When it does get posted, I'll link to it.

Confused yet? You'll understand tomorrow.


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Personal Quote: The three words that best describe my life right now are "Because OF COURSE!"

Thank You!

I don't say this often enough: even though I can't thank everyone individually for your watch, your faves, and your comments, I do appreciate all my watchers. Thank You All!

Commission rates & waiting list

Commission list is closed. I'm leaving this info up for future reference.

Single figure sketch like this $40 (2nd figure add $25)

Single figure inked like this $50 (2nd figure add $30)

Single figure colored, simple background like this $80
(2nd figure or complex background add $50)

Single illustration only (no comics pages) at this time

Waiting list: RobClassact LustMonster 0madness0 Arringtastic1992 hunterk2300 DestinoInfinito riv3th3d kingddd dyveira The-long-inferno (anonymous)


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