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Satin Steele Tied to a Chair


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Satin Steele Tied to a Chair


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Merry Christmas 2020


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TCC January 2012 16:9

2012 Tetsuko Cosplay Calendar

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TCC January 2011

2011 Tetsuko Cosplay Calendar

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TCC January 2010 - 1

2010 Tetsuko Cosplay Calendar

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TCC 2009-01-1 January 2009

2009 Tetsuko Cosplay Calendar

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TCC 01 - January 2008

2008 Tetsuko Cosplay Calendar

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Tetsuko as 'Chun-Li'

TCC Pics no calendars

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Sonya's Growing Pains - comic

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Tetsuko's Odyssey 1 - pages 14 and 15

Sonya Gannon

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Satin Steele Tied to a Chair

Satin Steele

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Dyna vs. the giant Venus flytrap

Dyna the Damsel Dynamo

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Charlotte - Naked Justice

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Chain Break - GIF animation


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Elizabeth - Belly Dancer


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Ms. Arrow - commission


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Jane Russell as Wonder Woman

Miscellaneous Art

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Fan Art

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All my OCs (so far)

This entry originally appeared as a journal entry sometime in late November 2016. I'd link to it, but apparently DeviantArt's archives don't go back that far. Fortunately, I saved it as a text file (in fact, I wrote it as a text file first, then copied and pasted it into a journal), so I still have it. So for those of you who missed it the first time... a complete list of all the original characters I've created. You think I'm juggling too many projects and characters now? Imagine what it'd be like if I tried to develop every character I've created during my adult life! On a whim, I sat down this afternoon (November 21, 2016) and wrote down (well, typed up) a list of every character I've come up with, OCs that were intended to be the star of a comic, TV series or movie (live-action, animated or combination). And I shocked myself to find out there are 19 (so far!). Most of them, of course, exist only as one or two character concept drawings and/or collection of notes on the


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Tetsuko boulder lift

Drawn on iPad

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Amazon vs. Lizardman

Early art

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Calendar 2017 - Heroines in Peril

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Tetsuko - Bicep Flex animation WIP


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