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As I explain in this journal entry (Tetsuko (Not) Graphic Novel), I felt I had to abandon the idea of publishing a graphic novel of Tetsuko's origin, including new pages of art and story which would relate the events of the days before her fateful encounter with Winston, Slade, and a wayward chemical formula.

But since I didn't want to abandon the story itself altogether, I decided to tell it in prose form; this is the first entry.

Up next: Tetsuko - Prequel, part 2

Tetsuko - Prequel, part 3

Tetsuko - Prequel, part 4

Tetsuko - Prequel, part 5
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Chwen-Hoou's avatar
Lovely job on the first part of this prequel.
JimmyDimples's avatar
Bit of an extrapolation from your original alternative opening script for comic.

I know that sounds like a contradiction... "Original alternative"? :?

Anyway, pretty interesting seeing how it was expressed with prose in mind... and learned a few things in her history I hadn't before.  So far, so good.
DavidCMatthews's avatar
Yeah, I saw some opportunities to "improve" a few things (don't know if I've really "improved" anything or not) and add some other stuff I thought would be cool.

The most frustrating thing is, I had a script all written out for the new pages... and I can't find it! It's not on my main hard drive or any of my archives that I can find. So from here on out I'm winging it a little, based on what I remember having written before.
nighthawk81's avatar
Nicely turned, sir. Awaiting further developments.
SteveBlazer's avatar
Nice origin story!  Look like this is the beginning of Tetsuko's rise to awesomeness.  Since I began my all too short study of Aikido, I've learn to love the sound of the Japanese language.  That said, but Google and I are completely stumped at the meaning of "kinniku-baka".  Please ... help me understand that phrase.
DavidCMatthews's avatar
it's a phrase I coined myself, from my own (limited) knowledge of Japanese: kinniku= "muscle"; baka="fool, idiot". So, loosely translated, "muscle head", perhaps.
AntonioAlexisHuerta's avatar
Sharp knife wit about it.
Sarkeset's avatar
Not a bad read for sure. Shall be interesting to see the prose version. 
DavidCMatthews's avatar
Well, this is the prose version.
Sarkeset's avatar
lol, suppose I meant to say "the rest of the prose version" there. 
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